Our distinguished faculty brings enormous capacity to the teaching of African American Studies. They hold degrees from some of the top universities in the world and have international reputations for research and publications. With a commitment to excellence in scholarship and teaching, our faculty members are also dedicated to social responsibility and several of them describe their work as organic to the African American community. African American Studies is not merely the aggregation of courses about black people; it is a definite perspective on phenomena derived from seeing Africans as agents and actors in the world. The faculty members below are guides to the most intriguing and exciting knowledge in the Academy.

Faculty Directory

Dr. Nilgun Anadolu-Okur
Associate Professor & Undergraduate Director
826 Gladfelter Hall
Telephone: (215) 204-8513

Dr. Molefi Kete Asante
Professor and Chair
615A Gladfelter Hall
Telephone: (215) 204-4322

Dr. Amari Johnson
Assistant Professor, NTT
821 Gladfelter Hall
Telephone: (215) 204-8496

Dr. Ama Mazama
Associate Professor & Graduate Director
817 Gladfelter Hall
Telephone: (215) 204-1992

Dr. Kimani Nehusi
Associate Professor, NTT
819 Gladfelter Hall
Telephone: (215) 204-1995

Dr. Aaron Smith
Assistant Professor, NTT
820 Gladfelter Hall
Telephone: (215) 204-2773

Edward Lama Wonkeryor
Assistant Professor
816 Gladfelter Hall
Telephone: (215) 204-9601

Adjunct and Affiliated Faculty

Asia Austin, Ph.D.
Temple University

James E. Davis
Cornell University

Michael Coard, JD
Ohio State University

Lewis Gordon, Ph.D.
Yale University

Marc Lamont Hill, Ph.D.
University of Pennsylvania

Regina Jennings, Ph.D.
Temple University

Garvey Lundy, Ph.D.
Penn State University

Chika Nwadiora, Ph.D.
Temple University

Maida Odom, M.L.A.
University of Pennsylvania

Diane Turner, Ph.D.
Temple University

Linn Washington, M.L.
Yale University

Kimmika Williams-Witherspoon, Ph.D.
Temple University 

Timothy Welbeck, JD
Villanova University

Marta Vega, Ph.D.
Temple University

Staff Directory

Belinda Wilson
821 Ritter Annex

Tammey Abner
808 Gladfelter Hall