Iyelli Ichile

Assistant Professor

(215) 204-8626
1115 W. Polett Walk
827 Gladfelter Hall


Africana History, Africana Music Traditions, Africana Spiritual Traditions


Iyelli Ichile earned her doctorate degree in History from Howard University, with a concentration on the African Diaspora. Her research interests include: black resistance to slavery; spiritual traditions of Africa and the African Diaspora; black musical traditions; black folk cultures; African and African Diaspora history; and gender and womanhood in the African Diaspora.

Selected Publications

Ichile, Iyelli. “Sister Warrior: Akan Women in Organized Resistance to Slavery” in Glenn
Chambers and Quito Swan (eds.) Intellectual Maroonage: An African Diaspora Reader.
Palgrave MacMillan (accepted for publication)

Hanks, Iyelli Ichile. “D.C.’s Black Music: Inside and Out” in Elizabeth Clark-Lewis (ed.)
Synergy: Public History at Howard University. Washington: A P Foundation Press, 2011.

Ichile, Iyelli. “One Nation Under a Groove: A people’s history of the drum.” Souls, 8:3
(Winter 2006).

Courses Taught

  • Theories and Methods in African American Studies
  • Critical Readings in the African Diaspora
  • The Literature of Africans’ Enslavement in the Americas