Molefi Kete Asante


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Afrocentric theory and research, African civilization, African American language and rhetoric, Kawaida theory, African historical consciousness, African American institutions


Molefi Kete Asante, MA, Ph.D., is Professor of African American Studies at Temple University where he teaches Afrocentric theories and research and African American institution and movements.

Asante was born in Valdosta, Georgia and educated in Tennessee, Oklahoma, and California where he received the MA from Pepperdine University and the Ph.D. from the University of California at Los Angeles. Before moving to Temple University Asante taught at Purdue University, UCLA, Florida State University, Howard University, Zimbabwe Institute of Mass Communication, and the State University of New York at Buffalo where he was Professor and Chair of the Departments of Communication and African American Studies.

Asante created the first doctoral program in African American Studies at Temple University in 1987. An award-winning teacher and writer, Asante has lectured on five continents and has held research and visiting positions in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, China, and South Africa. He currently holds two Honorary Professors, one at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China, and the other, Professor Extraordinarius, at the University of South Africa, Tshwane.

Molefi Kete Asante is the author or editor of ninety-five (95) books, among them An Afrocentric Manifesto (2007), which won the Cheikh Anta Diop Award, Erasing Racism (2009) cited by Text and Academic Books, The Afrocentric Idea (1998) which received the Diop Award for Best Book.

His most recent published books include The History of Africa, As I run Toward Africa, Maulana Karenga: An Intellectual Portrait, The African America People: A Global History, and Rooming in the Master’s House. His more than 400 articles and essays have appeared in numerous national and international journals and his works have been translated into French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, and Mandarin. Asante is co-editor with Ama Mazama of the Encyclopedia of African Religion and the Encyclopedia of Black Studies. He co-edited with Maulana Karenga, The Handbook of Black Studies. He co-edits the Journal of Black Studies.

Selected Publications

  • As I Run Toward Africa
  • Herodotus on Egypt
  • Egypt vs. Greece
  • The Painful Demise of Eurocentrism
  • The History of Africa
  • Kemet, Afrocentricity and Knowledge
  • Race, Rhetoric and Identity: The Architecton of Soul
  • Erasing Racism
  • Afrocentric Infusion for Urban Schools
  • The Afrocentric Idea
  • The African American People: A Global History
  • Rooming in the Master’s House
  • Afrocentricity and African Renaissance
  • Barack Obama: Political Frontiers and Racial Agency
  • An Afrocentric Manifesto
  • International Communication: A Global Reader

Courses Taught

  • African Civilization
  • Afrocentric Theory
  • Nile Valley Civilizations
  • African American Social and Political Thought
  • African Aesthetics