Niambi Carter

niambiAssistant Professor
(215) 204-8447
1115 W. Polett Walk
828 Gladfelter Hall


Political Science, African American Politics, Race, Citizenship, National Identity, Gender, Sexuality, Public Opinion


Prof. Carter is a proud Temple University alum earning her BA in African American Studies with a minor in Political Science (1999). She received her Ph.D. in Political Science from Duke University (2007) working primarily in the area of American Politics with a specific focus on Race and Ethnic Politics. Her dissertation research on African American public opinion on immigration is the material for her book manuscript currently under development. Prof. Carter is also actively involved in other work that examines lynching, the nature of race in evaluations of Barack Obama, and the political ideology of African American Republicans.

Selected Publications

“Intimacy without Consent: Lynching as Sexual Violence.” 2012. Politics and Gender 8(3).

“Moving from Victims to Victors: African American Attitudes on the ‘Culture of Poverty’ and Black Blame.” 2012. Journal of African American Studies 16(3), with Shayla C. Nunnally.

“Intergroup Relations in Three Southern Cities: Black and White Americans’ and Latino Immigrants’ Attitudes,” with Paula D. McClain et al. 2012. In Just Neighbors? Research on African American and Latino Relations in America. Edward Telles, Mark Q. Sawyer, and Gaspar Rivera-Salgado, editors. New York: Russell Sage Foundation.

“Black Elites and Latino Immigrant Relations in a Southern City: Do Black Elites and the Black Masses Agree?,” with Paula D. McClain et al. 2008. In New Race Politics in America: Understanding Minority and Immigrant Voting. Jane Junn and Kerry L. Haynie, editors. New York: Cambridge University Press.

“Shirley Chisholm.” 2007. International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 2nd ed. William Darrity (ed.). Farmington Hills: Thomson Gale.

“Black Americans and Latino Immigrants in a Southern City: Friendly Neighbors or Economic Competitors.” 2006. DuBois Review 4(1), with Paula D. McClain et al.

“Racial Distancing in a Southern City: Latino Immigrants’ Views of Black Americans.” 2006. Journal of Politics, 68(3), with Paula D. McClain et al.

“Gender and Black Presidential Politics: From Chisholm to Moseley-Braun.” 2005. Journal of Women, Politics, and Policy, 27(1/2), with Paula D. McClain and Michael C. Brady.

Courses Taught

  • African American Sexuality and Society (undergrad & grad)
  • Black Politics (undergraduate)
  • African American Social & Political Thought (undergraduate)
  • Introduction to African American Studies (undergraduate)
  • Racial and Ethnic Politics (undergrad & grad)
  • Politics of Marginal Groups (undergraduate)