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You are already a member of the college’s alumni association, and are one of nearly 50,000 CLA alumni around the world.

Each year we welcome more graduates to this inclusive organization dedicated to connecting alumni to campus and each other. Other organizations may charge dues, but being a member of the CLA Alumni Association is free and offers select benefits including:

  • Networking opportunities geared toward liberal arts graduates
  • One-on-one career advising through Temple’s Career Center
  • Invitations to exclusive CLA Alumni cultural, educational and athletic events
  • Opportunities to interact with students to provide career and academic guidance
  • Access to CLA faculty through public lectures, forums and panels

View the full list of benefits, services and programs available to all Temple alumni by visiting alumni.temple.edu.

To check out a host of activities and events open to CLA alumni visit alumni.temple.edu.

Have an idea on how we can make the CLA Alumni Association even better? We want to hear from you. Send us your ideas!

CLA Alumni Association Board

The CLA Alumni Association Board is elected to represent all CLA alumni worldwide, with the goal of connecting alumni to campus and each other. To learn more or to get involved, email Marcus Bagby.

2013-2014 Board Officers

  • President: Dawn Ramos, CLA’07
  • Vice President: Elena Banis, CLA’95
  • Secretary: Deidre Downes, CLA’99
  • Treasurer: Racquel Bruton, CLA’97


  • Eric J. Appelbaum, CLA’95
  • Elena Banis, CLA’95
  • Sydney Ann Beckett, CLA’65, EDU’67, EDU’93
  • Robert Louis Bocchino, CLA’64
  • Anthony L. Buffone, CLA’93, EDU’99
  • Robert E. Cherwony, Esq., CLA’69, LAW’73
  • Ira S. Clavner, CLA’77, ENG’91
  • Deidre Downes, CLA’99
  • Joel Goodhart, CLA’75
  • Claire Ippoliti, CLA’89
  • Gretchen Kubiak CLA ‘05
  • Sarah Matthews CLA ‘00
  • Joseph Maugeri CLA’82
  • Dennis McCrossen CLA’77
  • Seth McDowell, CLA’99
  • Mina Mounir, CLA’05
  • Maureen E. Pugh, CLA’67, EDU’74
  • Dawn Ramos, CLA’07
  • Neil Weitz CLA ‘80

Lifetime Members

  • Sheila R. Aronow, CLA’65
  • Spencer H. Davis, CLA’65, EDU’68
  • The Honorable Marlene F. Lachman, CLA’68
  • Leonard Mellman, CLA’49
  • Sylvia P. Thomas, CST’46
  • Dr. Richard David Weiss, CST’61, MED’65, MED’69
  • Marie L. Zecca, CLA’85, EDU’01