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Inmaculada M. García Sánchez, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Email: igarcias@temple.edu
Office telephone: 215-204-1413

I am a linguistic anthropologist whose research interests include North African immigrant children/youth in Spain (and Europe more generally) and Latino immigrant children/youth in the U.S.; language socialization in immigrant communities; language and social exclusion; language and transnational identities; language and culture in educational contexts; the ethnography of everyday social interaction; and narrative.

Rooted in two years of ethnographic field study in Southwestern Spain and Morocco, my research agenda offers a critical dialogue between linguistic anthropology and sociocultural studies of immigration and transnationalism. My work explores the relationships among language, youth growing up in multilingual and multicultural communities, and larger sociopolitical processes, with a particular emphasis on how these domains intersect with immigrant youth's ability to develop a hybrid, yet coherent, sense of identity. My dissertation concerns the sociocultural and linguistic lifeworlds of Moroccan immigrant children as they navigate family, educational institutions, medical clinics where these children act as translators, and Muslim and non-Muslim peer groups in Spain. In these contexts, I investigate the racialized politics of language use, as well as everyday and institutionalized discourses of education and socialization with a theoretically grounded analysis of large-scale transnational, sociocultural dynamics. In order to illuminate the constraints and affordances in Moroccan immigrant children's emerging processes of identification, my study focuses on children's social and communicative practices, and on how these children negotiate both local and macro politics of inclusion/exclusion in the context of increased levels of surveillance directed toward Muslim and North African immigrants.

A native of Spain, I came to the United States in 1997 after graduating from the University of Valladolid with a B.A. in English, specialization in linguistics. My graduate education includes a graduate certificate in TESOL (1998) from California State University, Sacramento, an M.A. in education (2002) from Boise State University, and a Ph.D. in applied linguistics (2009) with a specialization in linguistic anthropology and discourse analysis from the University of California, Los Angeles. My interdisciplinary training in anthropology, linguistics, and education has enabled me to conduct ethnographic research examining everyday language use and talk as social action in everyday and educational settings.



2014 (in press): García Sánchez, I.M. Language and Muslim Immigrant Childhoods: The Politics of Belonging. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell (Studies in Discourse and Culture series).

Journal articles and book chapters:

2013 (in press): García Sánchez, I.M. "The Everyday Politics of 'Cultural Citizenship' Among North African Immigrant Children in Spain." Language and Communication.

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2005: García Sánchez, I.M. "More than just games: Language socialization in an immigrant children's peer group." Proceedings of the Thirteen Annual Symposium About Language and Society, Austin. Texas Linguistic Forum 49:61-71.

Selected Honors and Awards

• 2012-2013: National Academy of Education–Spencer Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship.
• 2011-2012: Faculty Fellowship. Center for the Humanities at Temple (CHAT), Temple University.
• 2009: Outstanding Dissertation Award. Council on Anthropology and Education, American Anthropological Association.
• 2005-2006: Individual Dissertation Research Grant. Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research.


My teaching interests include language and the immigrant experience; the ethnography of language as social action; linguistic fieldwork methods; immigrant youth and education; the anthropology of childhood; and discourse/conversation analysis.

Undergraduate Courses

Language in Society (Anthropology 0815)
Fundamentals of Linguistic Anthropology (Anthropology 2507)
Language Socialization and Cultural Reproduction (Anthropology 3509)
Language as Social Action (Anthropology 3589)

Graduate Courses

Approaches in Linguistic Anthropology (Anthropology 8004)
Language and the Immigrant Experience (Anthropology 5501/5504)
Language Socialization and Cultural Reproduction (Anthropology 5509)

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