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Sociocultural Anthropology

Sociocultural anthropologists study social patterns and practices, paying close attention to how people around the world live, organize, govern, and create meaning about themselves and others.

To gain a firsthand sense of a community, sociocultural anthropologists spend time living in a community to do fieldwork which emphasizes the methodology of participant observation.

Some areas of focus:

Political anthropology: The study of patterns of governance, politics, and power. Faculty and students study legal systems and violence in the Caribbean.

Media anthropology: The study of media consumption and production. Faculty and students study national, transnational, and regional discourses in European mass media.

Faculty and students study lucha libre (professional wrestling) and its place in urban popular culture in Mexico City.

Some key questions:

How do macro-level processes impact everday lived experiences?

Are there human "cultural universals" and do they change over time?

How is globalization changing the way people understand themselves and others?


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