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Human Biology Track

The Human Biology track prepares students for careers in medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, optometry, podiatry, and other allied health fields. Students preparing for these fields sometimes find the traditional science majors too restrictive. Human Biology students major in anthropology, but take departmental courses primarily in biological anthropology. The Human Biology track also includes required courses in biology and human anatomy and physiology. The track provides several options for completing other science courses that fulfill admission requirements to professional schools in the health sciences. This program, like those at Stanford, the University of Michigan, and Harvard, also encourages students to take health/biology-related courses in psychology, sociology, history, political science, and the humanities. As a result, our students have the broad liberal arts background that many professional schools in the health sciences find attractive.

For further information:

More detailed information about the undergraduate program can be found in the Temple University Undergraduate Bulletin.

The requirements for the undergraduate major and minor can likewise be found in the Temple University Undergraduate Bulletin.

A listing of all undergraduate-level courses offered by the Department of Anthropology can be found in the Temple University Course Catalog.

A listing of undergraduate-level courses being offered by the Department in a given semester can be found in the Temple University Course Schedule.

Students who are interested in the Human Biology track should contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Prof. Inmaculada García Sánchez, at igarcias@temple.edu.

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