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General Anthropology

The General Anthropology major and minor are intended to give students a strong foundation in all four subdisciplines of anthropology. Each subdiscipline requires the development of broadly applicable skills, including formulating hypotheses, developing research programs and proposals, applying theories to the interpretation of data, and gathering ethnographic information through participant observation.  There is sufficient flexibility in the requirements for the General Anthropology major and minor that students can focus their coursework, if they desire, on one of the four subdisciplines in particular.

With their emphasis on understanding human diversity, the General Anthropology major and minor prepare students well for the issues that they are likely to encounter in today's workplaces. At Temple, we offer a variety of courses that prepare students for careers in such fields as teaching, public administration, social work, urban planning, journalism, mass media, business, and law. Our courses in archaeology train students well for careers in cultural resources management and historic preservation. The major or minor in anthropology is excellent preparation for careers and activities that call for cultural sensitivity and understanding of cultural differences, such as the teaching of English to speakers of other languages, work with immigrant communities, and work with international non-profit and non-governmental organizations.

For further information:

More detailed information about the undergraduate program can be found in the Temple University Undergraduate Bulletin.

The requirements for the undergraduate major and minor can likewise be found in the Temple University Undergraduate Bulletin.

A listing of all undergraduate-level courses offered by the Department of Anthropology can be found in the Temple University Course Catalog.

A listing of undergraduate-level courses being offered by the Department in a given semester can be found in the Temple University Course Schedule.

Students who are interested in the General Anthropology major or minor should contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Prof. Inmaculada García Sánchez, at igarcias@temple.edu.

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