Asian Studies

Roman Cybriwsky, Program Director

335 Gladfelter Hall


Monte Hull, Faculty Advisor
630 Anderson Hall


Asian Studies - Major and Minor

Asian Studies draws on the resources of many departments to provide a comprehensive program of study on Asia (especially East Asia). Majors may concentrate on a geographic area, field, or theme(s). By combining language with the study of politics, history, society, art, religion and philosophy, and literature, each student can construct a major tailored to individual interests.

Temple's campus in Japan can provide students experience abroad while taking their coursework. The East West Club offers lectures, films, and career development programs, as well as fun and fellowship through extracurricular activities.

The curriculum gives students a foundation for living or working in Asia, or continuing their studies through developing a knowledge base, cross-cultural sensitivity, analytic thinking, and communication and writing skills in English and an Asian language. After graduation, students find employment in private firms, nonprofit organizations, or educational institutions. Some enter graduate programs in law, business, or academic fields, including Asian Studies.

The Asian Studies program will assist students in:

  • understanding the broad foundations of at least one major Asian culture, including the history, culture, and socio-economic-political organization,
  • recognizing the utility of different humanistic and social science disciplines in understanding a culture,
  • understanding the distinction between theory and data and the links between the two components while drawing generalizations from actual social experience,
  • recognizing the way language serves as a foundation of culture,
  • understanding the issues and requirements of cross-cultural communication, and
  • taking more initiative in educating themselves, to make analytical generalizations, to make ethical choices, and to feel confident in these and other exercises of personal responsibility.

For more information on the Asian Studies Major and Minor, please see the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Asian American Studies - Minor

This interdisciplinary minor focuses on Asian American history, culture, and contemporary issues as well as their Asian roots and American context. The Asian American Minor is six courses (18 s.h.), four in Asian American Studies, one in American Studies, and one Asian Studies course under an Asian Studies or cross-listed number, as distributed below. In lieu of taking regular academic courses, students can earn credits through fieldwork and independent study under a professor's guidance. This minor is a useful credential for majors in education, journalism and communication, social administration, health science, social science, humanities, history, pre-law studies, and business fields such as personnel and marketing.

For more information on the Asian American Studies Minor, please see the Undergraduate Bulletin.