The College of Liberal Arts at Temple University

CENFAD Director and Thomas J. Freaney, Jr. Professor of History
Alan McPherson

Thomas J. Davis Fellow
Eric Perinovic

Faculty Experts
Petra Goedde: Cold War, Globalization, Gender
Peter Gran: Middle East, Political Economy
Rita Krueger: Central European Empires
Richard Immerman: U.S. Foreign Relations, Intelligence

Jay Lockenour: Germany, War and Society
Sophie Quinn-Judge: Vietnam, Southeast Asia
Harvey Neptune: Caribbean, Transnational
Arthur Schmidt, Latin America, Global Economy
Bryant Simon: Globalization, Culture
Benjamin Talton: Modern Africa, Imperialism and Resistance
Gregory Urwin: U.S. Military History


About Us

The Center for the Study of Force and Diplomacy (CENFAD), founded in 1993 by Drs. Richard Immerman, Russell Weigley, and David Rosenberg, fosters interdisciplinary faculty and student research on the historic and contemporary use of force and diplomacy in a global context. CENFAD is housed within Temple University’s History Department. Click here for a thorough history of the Center's founding and development, written by Dr. Immerman.

The Director of CENFAD, Dr. Alan McPherson, reports to the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Temple University and to CENFAD’s Board of Advisors. CENFAD sponsors lectures, colloquia, workshops, and conferences on an ongoing basis (listed under News and Events); and various multi-year projects.

Each year, CENFAD gives several prizes to recognize and support undergraduate and graduate research in military, diplomatic, and international history. CENFAD reports its activities twice a year in its newsletter Strategic Visions Magazine.


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Spring 2018 Events:

Our Spring Colloquium Series features the following speakers.


January 25:
Stephen Szabo
"The Trump Era or Interregnum? The Changing View of Europe in the United States."

February 14:
Adriane Lentz-Smith

"African Americans and the War for Democracy."

February 21:
Vanya Bellinger

"The Other Clausewitz: Marie and Carl von Clausewitz and the Creation of On War"

March 15:
Danielle Sanchez

"Free(ing) France in Colonial Brazzaville: Propaganda and Resistance in Afrique Française Libre."

April 4:
Madalina Veres

"Mapping Untenable Habsburg Outposts in Eastern Europe and the Indian Ocean in the Eighteenth Century.”

April 19:
Sanjeevini Lokhande
"International Human Rights and Forced Migration in National Politics: India since 2002."

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