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2018 Edwin H. Sherman Family Prize for Undergraduate Scholarship in Force and Diplomacy

Temple University's Center for the Study of Force and Diplomacy (CENFAD) is delighted to once again solicit submissions for its annual Edwin H. Sherman Prize for Undergraduate Scholarship in Force and Diplomacy. The recipient of the Edwin Sherman Prize receives a $1,000 award along with a certificate. CENFAD welcomes submissions from students or instructors/advisors/mentors.

Any paper written by an undergraduate student in the 2017 calendar year submitted by either the student or a faculty member at the student's college or university, is eligible. The paper must address an issue, contemporary or historical, that demonstrates the intersection of force and diplomacy in international affairs. Papers should be no longer than forty-five (45) pages in length. The selection committee will accept only electronic submissions. Please email papers as an attachment in any format, along with the name and contact information of the paper's author. Please make sure that the file is clearly titled (ApplicantsName-submission.doc, for example), and include the paper's title, author's name, and an email address in the document itself.

The deadline for submissions is 5:00 pm on Sunday April 15, 2018.

Please address all questions and Electronic Submissions to:

Eric Perinovic

2018 Winner:

Holden Zimmerman, University of Kansas, "Defensive Humanitarianism: Swiss Internment Camps in WWI"

Previous Winners:

2017: Charlotte Blatt, Dartmouth College, "Operational Success, Strategic Failure: Assessing the 2007 Iraq Troop Surge"

2016: Erica Ma, University of Pennsylvania, "A State Divided: The Decisive Impact of Third-Party Interventions on Secession Conflicts (1945-2011)"

2015: Nathan Hausman, United States Air Force Academy, "Competing Narratives: Comparing Perspectives on NATO Intervention in Kosovo"

2014: Alison Strongwater, Cornell University, "Modern Mercenaries: Threat or Savior?"

2014 Honorable Mention: Pamela Hoss, University College London, "French Fears over Power Shifts: the October War, the Catalyst for the Deterioration of Franco-American relations in 1973?"

2013: Jean-Robert Lalancette, McGill University, "From Decrepit Empire to Third World Champion: France's Incredible Transition, 1958-1963"

2012: George Bogden, Yale University, "Refugees, Statecraft, and Legitimacy: Forced Migration and Foreign Policy after the First Persian Gulf War"

2011: Yongqing Douglas Yang, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "The Panamanian Paradox: A Presidentís Struggle to Remove Manuel Noriega"

2010: Robert King, Harvard University, "Academic Scribblers: Policy Reports and the Making of American Strategy on Latin America, 1948-1980"

2009: Raymond Joseph Parrot, University of Virginia, "An Education for Occupation: Army Civil Affairs Training And Military Planning for Postwar Germany"

2008: Justin King, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "Partners and Rivals: Political Economy and American Diplomacy, 1969-1974"

2007: Debbie Sharnak, Vassar College, "The Perception of Strategic Alliances: Carter's Failure to Normalize Relations With Vietnam"

2006: Betsey Beasley, University of Georgia at Athens, "Damsels in Distress, Frustrated Old Women, and the Masculine Enterprise: Gendered Constructs in U.S. Relations with Vietnam, 1963-1968"


Thomas J. Davis Endowed Fellowship in Diplomacy and Foreign Relations

This fellowship is made possible by the generosity of Todd Davis, who received his Ph.D. in History from Temple in 2002 and served as the first graduate assistant for development for the Center for the Study of Diplomacy (CENFAD). Todd named the fellowship after his father, a decorated first lieutenant in the U.S. Army who was killed in action during the Vietnam War.  Responsibilities will be dedicated to advancing the Center for the Study of Force and Diplomacy. In this capacity, your assignment will be primarily to assist, through research and writing, applications for external grants to support CENFAD’s projects. You will also be expected to assist in the publication of CENFAD’s newsletter, Strategic Visions, help publicize lectures and symposia, administrate CENFAD's website, coordinate CENFAD colloquia and other events, and contribute in parallel ways. As is the case with a conventional assistantship, you will not be expected to work more than 20 hours per week. The fellowship includes a stipend — amount changes each year. Students should apply to Dr. Alan McPherson by December 15 for a fellowship for the next academic year.

Previous Recipients:

2016-17: Brian McNamara

2015-16: Jesse Curtis

2014-15: Silke Zoller

2013-14: Carly Goodman

2012-13: David Guba, Jr.

2011-12: Kaete O'Connell

2010-11: Matthew Shannon

2009-10: Timothy Sayle

2008-09: Benjamin Brandenburg

2007-08: Kelly J. Shannon

2006-07: Eric Klinek

2005-06: David Zierler

2004-05: Wendy Wong

2003-04: Andrew McKevitt


Sergeant Major William F. Berger Prize Endowed Fellowship for War and Society

Responsibilities will be dedicated to advancing the History Department’s concentration in War and Society, primarily as a teaching assistant in the course War and Peace, if it is being offered. As is the case with a conventional assistantship, awardees will not be expected to work more than 20 hours per week. The prize includes a stipend.  Continuing students apply to the Director of Graduate Studies by December 15 for a fellowship for the next academic year.

Previous Recipients:

September 2015 – Alexandre Caillot

October 2014 – Thomas Reinstein

September 2012 – Steven Elliott

October 2011 – Seth Tannenbaum

July 2010 – Meredith Hohe


Research Funds

2017 Research Fellowship Competition for Temple University Graduate Students

CENFAD is now accepting applications from Temple graduate students for the Marvin Wachman, John Votaw, and Jeffrey Bower Research Fellowships. These fellowships provide stipends of varying amounts to defray the cost of research conducted in connection with completion of the Ph.D. dissertation. All have been made available through the generous contributions of CENFAD supporters. Applicants for these funds must be advanced to Ph.D. candidacy or, if an M.A. student, expect to have completed the required coursework by the end of the Spring 2017 semester and have chosen the Thesis option. The application must include:

  • A letter of application that spells out your qualifications for the award.
  • A current C.V.
  • A one-page description of your research project, if applicable. Include a statement of how you intend to use these funds, as precisely as possible. If plans include travel to archives or libraries, please indicate which ones, and provide an estimated budget for the research trip. Included budget descriptions can exceed the one page limit.
  • One letter of recommendation.

Please attach the abstract, C.V., and statement, including expected date of graduation, as three separate files, and arrange for the advisor/reader to submit the letter of support separately (and also electronically).

A student is not eligible to receive the same award twice. However, receipt of one named CENFAD Research Fellowship does not preclude receiving another. Students do not apply for a specific award. They simply apply for a CENFAD research fellowship. Submissions must be made electronically to Dr. Alan McPherson.


John Votaw Endowed Research Award

Endowed research award for Temple University graduate students of diplomatic and military history, with preference going to military history. Direct questions or applications toshould apply to Dr. Alan McPherson. The deadline is October 2.

Previous Recipients:

2017-18: Manna Duah

2016-17: Silke Zoller

2015-16: John Worsencroft

2014-15: Carly Goodman

2013-14: David Lee

2012-13: Timothy Sayle

2011-12: Martin Clemis

2010-11: Ryan Johnson

2009-10: Michael Dolski

2008-09: Eric Klinek

2007-08: Lynette Deem

2006-07: Richard Grippaldi

2005-06: David Ulbrich

2004-05: Matthew Muhlbauer

2003-04: John Bonin

Marvin Wachman Fellowship in Force and Diplomacy

To be awarded to a Temple University graduate student in the history of U.S. foreign relations. Direct questions or applications should contact Dr. Alan McPherson. The deadline for spring awards is October 2; for fall awards the deadline is March 1.

Previous Recipients:

2017-18: Keith Riley

2016-17: Thomas Reinstein and John Worsencroft

2015-16: Tyler Bamford, Kaete O'Connell, and Silke Zoller

2014-15: David Guba, Jr.

2013-14: Carly Goodman and Sarah Robey

2012-13: Matt Shannon and David Lee

2011-12: Larry Kessler

2010-11: Carla Stephens

2009-10: Benjamin Brandenberg and Holger Lowendorf

2008-09: Kelly J. Shannon and Wendy Wong

2007-08: David Zierler

2006-07: Hieu Ho

2005-06: Ginger Davis

2004-05: Darren Bardell

2003-04: Laura Szumanski Steel


Jeffrey Bower Endowed Research Fellowship

Awarded to a Temple University graduate student of military or diplomatic history. Preference is given to students who incorporate a study of technology into their work. Direct questions or applications should contact Dr. Alan McPherson. The deadline for spring awards is October 2.

Previous Recipients:

2017-18: Kaete O'Connell

2016-17: Tyler Bamford

2015-16: Thomas Reinstein

2014-15: Larry Kessler

2013-14: EJ Catagnus

2012-13: Sarah Robey

2011-12: Aaron Sullivan

2010-11: Ben Brandenberg

2009-10: Claude Barnes and Michele Louro

2008-09: Andrew McKevitt

2007-08: Katherine Scott

2006-07: Britton MacDonald

2005-06: Uta Kresse

2004-05: Ginger Davis

2003-04: Bob Wintermute



Conference Travel Funds

CENFAD Conference Travel Grants

Temple University's Center for the Study of Force and Diplomacy (CENFAD) is happy to offer a limited number of grants to facilitate graduate student travel to conferences.

1) a one-paragraph description of the conference and your contribution to it, keeping in mind the CENFAD’s mission to promote “the study of force and diplomacy”;

2) a budget, including other sources of funding, what you are requesting from CENFAD, and your proposed mode/cost of travel; and

3) a proof that you will be presenting, for instance a copy/screenshot of the program page where you appear.

The deadline for submissions is:

Fall Semester-5:00 pm on October 2.

Spring Semester-5:00 pm on March 1.

Please address all questions and Electronic Submissions to:

Dr. Alan McPherson