Student News Update
Compiled by Rich Grippaldi, Student & Alumni News Editor


Brady King, third year PhD student, presented a paper at the East Coast Chapter of the Western Front Association's Spring 2005 Conference in Philadelphia. Brady's paper, “The Tillman Battleship Debate: Senator Benjamin R. Tillman and the Age of Maximum Battleships," focuses on South Carolina Senator Ben Tillman's call for the construction of maximum battleships after World War I.

Brady and doctoral candidate Grant Weller served on a panel at the conference. Fellow PhD student Jeff LaMonica, the association's chapter representative, organized the conference.

Uta Kresse Raina, doctoral candidate in history, received fellowships from Temple University (Jeffrey Bower Endowed Research Fellowship and Shumpei Okamoto Award) and the Ibero-American Institute (Berlin) to conduct her archival research in Germany this summer. Uta also presented a paper titled “Intellectual Imperialism as a Mechanism of Power: German Anthropologists and Archaeologists in Peru, 1850-1920” at the Graduate History Student Conference of the University of Massachusetts, for which she received the best paper award. In addition, she is awaiting the publication of her article, “German Archaeologists and Anthropologist in the Andes: The Construction of the Andean Image in Germany and the German Identity in the Andes, 1850-1920,” in Color, Hair and Bone: The Persistence of Race into the 21st Century edited by Linden Lewis, Bucknell University Press.

Major Grant Weller, USAF, doctoral candidate in history, conducted research supporting his dissertation, tentatively titled “Quartermaster Truck Operations in North Africa, Sicily, Italy and Southern France, 1942 – 1945,” at the US Army Transportation Museum at Fort Eustis and the US Army Quartermaster Museum at Fort Lee, both in Virginia. The research trips were funded by the Air Force Institute of Technology. He also had a series of articles accepted for the forthcoming Encyclopedia of North American Colonial Warfare to be published by ABC-Clio.

David Zierler, Ph.D. student, received two honors this past year, the Baron Award for Outstanding Teaching by a graduate student, and Thomas J. Davis Endowed Fellowship in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy. David presented two papers last year at academic conferences hosted by Yale University and Rutgers University, and he is currently developing CENFAD's curriculum and is working with Dr. Regina Gramer and Drew McKevitt on launching a new academic discipline called Small Arms Studies.