The International History Workshop First Annual Symposium
June 2-3, 2006
Russell F. Weigley Room, Gladfelter Hall
Temple University

On June 2-3, 2006, the International History Workshop will convene its first annual symposium, showcasing a number of Temple scholars and graduate students, as well as students and prominent faculty from other institutions, who are producing some of the most exciting, important new work in the field. The panels reflect the variety and ever-greater complexity of scholarship in this area. The conference, and the IHW, builds upon and expands a strong tradition in the History Department of looking at power, diplomacy, politics, and the shaping of global forces by various actors – sometimes states, sometimes individuals, sometimes ideas and institutions. The scholars who will be presenting research are all busily engaged in defining what it means to do international history. All members of the CENFAD community are cordially welcome to the sessions.

The papers for the symposium will be available before the workshop at

Workshop Program

June 2

12:00 – 2:00

New Directions in the International History ofthe 60s and 70s /Chair & Commentator: JeremyVaron, Drew University

Jeremy Kuzmarov, Brandeis University, “The Myth of the AddictedArmy: The Vietnam War and the War onDrugs”

Vanessa Walker, University of Wisconsin, “Ambivalent Allies:Advocates, Diplomats and the Struggle for HumanRights during the Carter Administration”

David Zierler, Temple University, "Chemical Traces: AgentOrange at the Crossroads of Environmental and InternationalHistory"


NGOs and NSAs: Looking Beyond the State /Chair & Commentator: Todd Shepard, Temple University

Kristin Grueser, Temple University, “’A Real Brotherhood ofNations’: Anglo-American Quaker Relief Work, 1917-1920”

Eric Cimino, SUNY Stony Brook, “The Significance of theUnited States and the American Women's Movementto the Development of German Bourgeois Feminism,1890-1933”

Charlie Sharpe, University of Pennsylvania, “Herbert Lehman and theUnited Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration”

Ron van Cleef, SUNY Stony Brook, “Resisting the Discourseof Exclusion: A Transnational Perspective onHomosexual Identity in West Germany, 1950-1989.”

June 3


US-Japan Discourses: From Occupation toAnime / Chairs & Commentators, Petra Goedde,Kelly Shannon, Temple University

Naoko Shibusawa, Brown University, “America’s GeishaAlly: Re-imagining the Japanese Enemy”

Jennifer Miller, University of Wisconsin, “We are not in Japanas conquerors:” American Bases, Japanese Sovereigntyand American-Japanese Relations in the1950s

Drew McKevitt, Temple University, “‘You Are Not Alone!’:Anime and the Globalizing of American Culture”10:45-12:30

The International Turn: The Future of InternationalHistory / Chair & Commentator, DavidEngerman, Brandeis University

Matthew Connelly, Columbia University, “Unnatural Selection:The Population Control Movement and ItsStruggle to Remake Humanity”

Young-Sun Hong, SUNY Stony Brook: “Beyond the National/Transnational Divide: Doing Histories in aGlobal Era”