Alumni News Roundup
Compiled by Rich Grippaldi

Kevin C. Holzimmer (Ph.D., 1999) will have his first book published in the Modern War Studies series of the University Press of Kansas. Based upon his dissertation (under the direction of the late Dr. Russell F. Weigley), it is entitled General Walter Krueger: A Soldier's Soldier. Holzimmer is currently an associate professor of Comparative Military Studies and, as of June 2006, will be the Vice Dean of Education and Curriculum at the U.S. Air Command and Staff College, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.

Maj. Stuart Lockhart, USMC (M.A., 2003) is reporting for duty in the operations section of Headquarters, III Marine Expeditionary Force, in Okinawa. III MEF is the parent headquarters for all Marine units on Okinawa and many of those in the Western Pacific. He is finishing up a tour of teaching U.S. naval history, the history of the Marine Corps, and the history of U.S. air power to midshipmen at the U.S. Naval Academy. Accompanying him to his new duty station is his wife Julia. On his experience at the Academy, Stu writes, “Teaching at USNA has been a significant highlight in my career…the experience of being able to mentor and instruct young midshipmen in their profession just as I was guided by some superb officers who went before me. It was an opportunity all made possible by my experience at Temple! To all with whom I had the opportunity to learn…Semper Fi!” Temple classmates can still contact him at .

Thomas G. Nester (M.A., 2002), has received a U.S. Army Center of Military History Dissertation Fellowship, which carries a stipend of $10.000. Tom is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at Texas A&M University, where he plans to write his dissertation on Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer's 7th U.S. Cavalry Regiment and Reconstruction. Tom's interest in the U.S. Army during Reconstruction was nurtured during his graduate studies at Temple. He wrote his M.A. thesis, "The Impact of the Memphis and New Orleans Race Riots of 1866 on Northern Public Opinion and Sectional Politics," under the direction of Dr. Gregory J. W. Urwin. Urwin, a Custer biographer, also suggested the subject for Tom's dissertation.

Michael A. Palmer (Ph.D., 1981) is completing his seventh monograph, The Last Crusade: Americanism and the Islamic Reformation,” for Potomac Books. AY 2006–2007 shall be his eighth and final year as chair of the Department of History at East Carolina University. Palmer is a professor in the Department of History and a member of the Program in Maritime Studies at East Carolina, where he has taught since 1991. He wrote his dissertation, "The Quasi-War and the Creation of the American Navy, 1798–1801” under the direction of the late Russell F. Weigley.

Patrick J. Speelman (Ph.D., 2000) has received a contract from Brill Academic Publishers to co-edit and contribute to a collection of essays on the Seven Years' War. Speelman is a visiting professor of History at the College of Charleston. He wrote his dissertation, "Henry Lloyd and the Military Inheritance of the Enlightenment" under the direction of the late Russell F. Weigley.