CENFAD Shines at 2006 Barnes Club Conference
by Rich Grippaldi, with the assistance of Dr. Gregory J. W. Urwin

The James A. Barnes Club, Temple University’s history graduate student association, held its Eleventh Annual Graduate Student Conference on April 1, in the Temple Center City campus. This years’ conference committee was chaired by Kristin S. Grueser and Jay Wyatt. The conference featured eighteen different panels, as well as several roundtables and a public mock interview for those interested in joining the academy after their graduation. Fifty-one different papers came from twenty universities in the United States and Canada, including Temple.

In addition to Grueser, other CENFAD-associated graduate students participated in the organizing and running of the conference. Rich Grippaldi and Phil Gibbon chaired panels. David Zierler, Bobby Wintermute, Holger Lowendorf, Michael Dolski, and Katherine Scott commented on papers. Michael Lynch participated in a roundtable session titled “Archives and Research Opportunities in the Philadelphia Area.” The irrepressible Dave Ulbrich again served as the interviewee under public scrutiny at the mock interview.

In addition to making the conference go, Temple students made their mark through presenting papers. Drew McKevitt presented a paper on anime and the globalizing of American culture. Wendy Wong presented a paper on St. Domingan refugees and the complexities they presented for Edmund Genet’s diplomatic mission in 1793-94. Three Temple students – Grippaldi, along with Brady King and Eric Klinek – made up the presenters on the “Professionalism, Reform, and Effectiveness in the American Military” panel. McKevitt, Grippaldi, and Klinek won awards for their work (see associated story).