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intro picof classes offers opportunities to explore global themes. The Temple Forum on International Institutions and Global Governance is co-sponsoring with the Political Science Department a talk on the proliferating structures of global governance, and the History Department's Center for Force and Diplomacy is offering a talk on Africa from the Cold War to the War on Terror. CHAT groups continue to be active and the CHAT fellows are meeting on Tuesday.

We are looking forward to an equally exciting and productive spring semester, which will kick off with a Distinguished Lecture by Peter Logan on the Changing Shape of Knowledge in the Nineteenth Century on January 26th.

Upcoming Talks:

Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series

Speaker portraitPeter Logan

The Changing Shape of Knowledge in the Nineteenth Century

Thursday, January 26
12:30-1:50 pm, CHAT Lounge

What can historic reference works tell us about the changing shape of knowledge in time? This talk looks at the pilot stage of a large research project designed to track changes in key cultural concepts by applying textual analysis tools to historic editions of the Encyclopedia Britannica from 1797-1911. By looking at the language used to explain major scientific and cultural concepts, we can identify broad patterns in the transformation of knowledge over time, like its linguistic density and the migration of ideas from one field to another. We will also talk about the history of the Encyclopedia Britannica and the advantages of working with continuously- revised documents instead of primary sources.

Peter M. Logan is the Academic Director of the Digital Scholarship Center in Temple's Paley Library and the former Director of the Center for the Humanities at Temple. A professor of English, he teaches courses in Victorian literature, the history of the novel, and digital humanities. He is the author of two books on Victorian literature as well as Editor of the Blackwell Encyclopedia of the Novel.

Recorded Programs

Video CameraMany past lectures can be viewed online. These are fascinating lectures on a wide range of topics in the humanities with high-quality sound and video. See our growing collection of recorded programs.

Graduate Courses

Student with booksLooking for a unique course to round out your graduate education? Serious about interdisciplinary methods? CHAT lists Graduate courses across the humanities and social sciences that welcome qualified students from other graduate programs. Listings are updated regularly after registration begins for each semester.

Continuing Exhibitions

Spring 2016

Speaker PortraitLeah Modigliani, Tyler School of Art

How long can we tolerate this? An incomplete record from 1933-1999

M-F, 10 am-4 pm, CHAT Gallery
10th floor, Gladfelter Hall
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