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Clifford Geertz, “Blurred Genres: The Refiguration of Social Thought,” American Scholar (Spring 1980): 166.

2015-16 Deadlines

  September 8   Digital Scholars Program
  September 21   IRG and Study Group Applications
  October 19   Graduate Fellow Applications
  November 16   Faculty Fellowship Applications
  March 7   Graduate Fellow Applications
  April 4   Graduate Associate Applications
  April 17   DH Scholars Applications

Looking Back ...

In the final CHAT Fellows Seminar of 2014-15, five faculty members and twelve doctoral students summarized their research productivity for the year. The tally is impressive: 2 monographs, 8 journal articles, 1 edited collection, 4 anthology chapters, 4 dissertations, and 25 dissertation chapters.

Fellows SeminarNumbers alone don't tell the full story. The fellows came from eight departments in two schools and colleges, and in the normal course of events, they would never meet. Instead, they spent a year contributing their time and wisdom to thinking about one another's work and developing lasting relationships.

As it turns out, Philosophy, Journalism, History, and English, for example, have much to contribute to one another, not because these scholars know about the other fields, but because they have different ways of thinking about human culture. Each sees things others do not. And when you bring them together to talk, you get a richer view of any topic than is possible otherwise.

CHAT Graduate FellowsBringing new perspectives to humanistic research topics is the heartbeat of CHAT. In addition to the number of publications. the kind of research matters, and the Fellows Seminar contributes to a breadth of understanding that makes scholarship better than it would be otherwise.

The same interdisciplinary richness is everywhere in CHAT programming. In 2014-15, we presented 17 lectures by external scholars and 11 by Temple faculty members from every discipline possible. This year's graduate symposium on scholar-activism was standing-room-only, wth an overflow audience in the hall. And we co-sponsored eight more lectures or programs and even a play and an art exhibition.

Looking Forward ...

AudienceIf you believe in the value of humanities and social science research at Temple, I urge you to express your support for CHAT. You can write a simple note of thanks to your Dean, or to the Vice-Provost of the Graduate School. Their financial support every year makes our success possible. And please consider making a contribution of your own, using our “Give Now” link above.

A Personal Note ...

I will be taking a leave of absence as Director of CHAT for 2015-16, to assist Temple Libraries in their new Digital Scholarship Center. CHAT will be in very good hands: Associate Director Petra Goedde (History) takes over for the year, assisted by Priya Joshi (English), as Interim CHAT Associate Director. After eight years running CHAT, this will be a big change for me, but I look forward to this challenge and to creating bridges between CHAT and the DSC.

—Peter M. Logan, Director
8 May 2015


Fall 2014 - Spring 2015


Reconstructing the View: Visualizing Time, Place, and the Collective Sublime

This exhibition includes examples of  large scale panoramas that respond to icons of landscape and culture in places such as the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Northern California. Byron Wolfe uses photography and a diverse range of digital tools and visualizations to reflect on broader notions of culture, the passage of time, landscape, and the construction of perception. The resulting work is a combination of scholarly and historic research, creative expression, and personal narrative.  

M-F, 10 am-4 pm, CHAT Gallery
10th floor, Gladfelter Hall
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Recorded Programs

Video CameraMany past lectures can be viewed online. These are fascinating lectures on a wide range of topics in the humanities with high-quality sound and video. See our growing collection of recorded programs.

Graduate Courses

Student with booksLooking for a unique course to round out your graduate education? Serious about interdisciplinary methods? CHAT lists Graduate courses across the humanities and social sciences that welcome qualified students from other graduate programs. Listings are updated regularly after registration begins for each semester.

Continuing Exhibitions

Ben Wilson, American Painter

imageIn 2008, CHAT acquired six large oil paintings by American painter Ben Wilson thanks to the generosity of the Ben and Evelyn Wilson Foundation. These works are on permanent display in the CHAT lounge and conference room. (Image: a detail from “The Thresher,” c. 1975)

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