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Clifford Geertz, “Blurred Genres: The Refiguration of Social Thought,” American Scholar (Spring 1980): 166.

Is there such a thing as...

intro pican enlightened empire? In the aftermath of the American and French revolutions, ideas of liberty and equality circulated among the educated elites of Europe and the Americas. These ideas could not easily be reconciled with the establishment and maintenance of empires, which relied heavily on military power. Mónica Ricketts, this week's distinguished CHAT lecturer, will discuss the struggles Spanish liberals faced in the early nineteenth century as they tried to set up a new liberal constitutional order in post-Napoleonic Spain and encountered resistance from powerful military leaders. She shows how those struggles over political and military power complicated relations with the viceroyalty in Peru. Ricketts is a member of Temple's history department and a specialist in the history of colonial Latin America and the Iberian Atlantic World. For time, location, and details see below.

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Distinguished Faculty Lectures Series

Speaker portraitMónica Ricketts, History

Liberalism and War in the Late Spanish Empire, 1806-1814

Thursday, September 29
12:30–1:50 pm, CHAT Lounge

Monica Ricketts is a historian of colonial Latin America and the Iberian Atlantic World. She received her B.A. and Licenciate degrees from the Pontifica Universidad Catolica del Peru in Lima and her Ph.D. from Harvard University. Before joining the history department at Temple University in 2010, she taught at Long Island University, C. W. Post. She has received fellowships from the Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung, the John Carter Brown Library, the Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies and Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard University, and Intituto Riva-Aguero, PUCP, Lima. Her book entitled Struggles for Power at the End of Empire: Peru-Spain, 1760-1830 is forthcoming by Oxford University Press next year.

Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series

Speaker portraitTherese A. Dolan

Sonic Politics: Manet's Street Singer

Thursday, October 13
12:30-1:50 pm, CHAT Lounge

My account of Manet's Street Singer will focus on the auditory environment in which the figure is situated, tracing her urban taxonomy as a street type constructed by the visual, folkloric, and literary discourse drawn from the popular literature and illustrations of the time. By fixing her place within the iconography and sonography of street musicians, I investigate her urban identity as the marker of a subaltern voice, one that is culturally, economically, and pictorially distinct from singers at salons and the divas on the musical stages of Paris during the Second Empire.

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