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Clifford Geertz, “Blurred Genres: The Refiguration of Social Thought,” American Scholar (Spring 1980): 166.

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intro picLast week CHAT concluded its speaker series with a spectacular presentation by Temple Professor James Earl Davis from Temple's College of Education. But the Humanities at Temple are still going strong heading into the final week of the semester. This Friday and Saturday Temple will host an international conference on Nietsche and the Birth of Tragedy. This event will be held at Temple's Center City campus featuring nationally and internationally recognized Nietsche specialists. It is a collaboration between Temple's philosophy department (Kristin Gjesdal) and the University of Bonn in Germany. The talks are open to the public. For a complete program see here.

Exhibit Opening & Reception

Spring 2016

Speaker PortraitLeah Modigliani, Tyler School of Art

How long can we tolerate this? An incomplete record from 1933-1999

M-F, 10 am-4 pm, CHAT Gallery
10th floor, Gladfelter Hall
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Recorded Programs

Video CameraMany past lectures can be viewed online. These are fascinating lectures on a wide range of topics in the humanities with high-quality sound and video. See our growing collection of recorded programs.

Graduate Courses

Student with booksLooking for a unique course to round out your graduate education? Serious about interdisciplinary methods? CHAT lists Graduate courses across the humanities and social sciences that welcome qualified students from other graduate programs. Listings are updated regularly after registration begins for each semester.

Continuing Exhibitions

Leah Modigliani, Tyler School of Art


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