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A Busy Year in CHAT:

intro pic We had another eventful year at CHAT, filled with lectures, seminars, and a variety of other events, and I want to thank the many people who have made this a memorable one; the ten Temple faculty members who gave a Distinguished Lecture; the seven scholars from Temple and outside institutions who presented talks on the theme of Displacement; the twelve CHAT fellows who shared their work in bi-weekly seminars throughout the year; our artist Theodore Harris, who not only put together an exhibit that matched the year's theme of displacement, but also became a regular participant in CHAT events; and the graduate fellows who put together a fabulous workshop on Life, Death, and Discourse. The combined tally of the year is impressive: twenty-five lectures by scholars from Temple, Yale, Virginia Tech, Northeastern, NYU, Columbia, Hartford, Clark, Princeton and Rutgers; three symposia; ten book or dissertation chapters completed, four completed dissertations, three of them defended, one forthcoming; four articles published or forthcoming; and many conference presentations.


All of these activities would not be possible without the generous support from the College of Liberal Arts, as well as a number of other Temple schools and departments, among them the Tyler School of Arts, the Klein College of Media and Communication, the Boyer College of Music and Dance, and the Graduate School. CHATís mission is to build bridges among departments and schools. It is looking forward to strengthening existing and developing new relationships.

Consider Giving To CHAT

If you enjoyed the programs CHAT offered last year, and would like to help CHAT grow, you might consider making a contribution to CHAT through the Give Now link on our website. No amount of support is too small; whether it is ten dollars, a hundred, or a thousand. We are grateful for your support. These funds help keep existing programs alive and encourage the development of new ones.

The Team

CHAT depended a great deal on the tremendous effort of a stellar support team. They often donít get the recognition they deserve because they work behind the scenes and out of the public eye. Maggie Cogswell kept a tight handle on every organizational detail. Graphics Assistant Thanh Nguyen designed our brochure and produced beautiful posters to advertise our lectures. Web Manager Deevena Nikerle made this Chatter appear perfect every week, fixed glitches, and updated information, sometimes on a Sunday afternoon! She is graduating this spring!! Congratulations Deevena. We will miss you.

Brian McNamara was invaluable as Assistant Director during the fall semester, managing the flow of information, publicity, and a whole lot more. He continued to be a regular fixture at CHAT events throughout the spring.

We are looking forward to bringing you a new crop of exciting lectures during the 2018-19 academic year, including our external lecture series on Borders, Boundaries, Walls.

We will be back at the start of the fall semester.

Have a great summer.

Petra Goedde, Director

Reminder: CHAT Interdisciplinary Research Group applications are due TODAY, May 1. For more detail see here.

Important Deadlines

  May 1   2018-19 Interdisciplinary Research Groups

Upcoming Fall Deadlines

  October 15   Spring 2018 Advanced Graduate Scholar Awards
  November 12   2018-19 Faculty Fellowship

Of Further Interest

Recorded Programs

Video CameraMany past lectures can be viewed online. These are fascinating lectures on a wide range of topics in the humanities with high-quality sound and video. See our growing collection of recorded programs.

Graduate Courses

Student with booksLooking for a unique course to round out your graduate education? Serious about interdisciplinary methods? CHAT lists Graduate courses across the humanities and social sciences that welcome qualified students from other graduate programs. Listings are updated regularly after registration begins for each semester.

Continuing at CHAT

Fall 2017

Speaker PortraitTheodore A. Harris, Artist, Essayist, Poet, and Scholar

Theodore A. Harris: Dis-placed by Conflict

M-F, 10 am-4 pm, CHAT Gallery
10th floor, Gladfelter Hall
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