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Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Considerations by the Way,” The Conduct of Life (1860).

Advisory Board

Dr. Nora Alter
Professor of Film, Media Arts
Fields of Interest:

Mr. Robert Blackson
Director of Temple Contemporary
Fields of Interest: Contemporary Art

Dr. Mark Franko
Professor of Dance
Fields of Interest: Dance Theory, Historical Dance, Contemporary Dance

Dr. Travis Glasson
Associate Professor of History
Fields of Interest:

Dr. Alex Gottesman
Assistant Professor of Classics
Fields of Interest:

Dr. Dustin Kidd
Associate Professor of Sociology
Fields of Interest: Art and Arts Controversies, Cultural Policy, Public Art and Culture, Popular Culture and Social Inequalities,
Political Sociology, Social Theory

Dr.Carolyn Kitch
Professor of Journalism
Fields of Interest:

Dr. Mindi Lazarus-Black
Professor of Anthropology
Fields of Interest:

Dr. Mark Leuchter
Professor of Religion
Fields of Interest:

Dr. Nicole Martorano-Van Cleve
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Fields of Interest: Race and Justice, Criminal Courts and the Law, Criminological Theory, Ethnography

Dr. Mary Rose Muccie
Director of Temple Press
Fields of Interest:

Dr.Bryant Simon
Professor of History
Fields of Interest: Recent US History, Consumer Culture, Political Economy, Labor History, Urban History, and Food Studies

Dr. Ashley West
Professor of ArtHistory
Fields of Interest:

Dr. Yun Zhu
Assistant Professor of Asian & Middle Eastern Languages
Fields of Interest:

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