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Faculty Fellowship

Temple faculty are given reduced teaching and a $1,000 research budget for the year.

Advanced Graduate Scholar Award

Advanced graduate students receive financial support for one semester to work on the dissertation in addition to a $500 research budget.

Associate Graduate Scholar Award

The Associate Graduate Scholar Award provides research money to graduate students who have finished coursework or are in their third year. Students also participate in the Fellows Seminar and annual graduate student conference and receive a research budget. Four to six per year.

Fellows Seminar

All CHAT Fellows participate in bi-weekly meetings to discuss the work-in-progress of the participants. Lunch is provided, and material is pre-circulated so that discussion focuses on responses to the work.

CHAT/Temple Libraries Digital Scholars Program

The Digital Scholars Program is a collaboration between the Center for the Humanities at Temple and the Digital Scholarship Center of Temple Libraries. It trains graduate students at Temple to apply digital research methods to humanistic or artistic material for their own research or creative projects. Students also participate in an international online collective and receive a $500 scholarship.



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