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Graduate Associate Fellowship

Application deadline for 2019-20 is April 15, 2019

Download the complete application instructions

The Graduate Associate Fellows Program

Graduate Associate Fellows join the bi-weekly CHAT Fellows Seminar and receive $1000 in research funding. Seminar participants enjoy a research-focused interdisciplinary forum when everyone presents part of their dissertation for critique over lunch by the full interdisciplinary group of graduate and faculty fellows. Discussions are lively and focus on methodological issues. The research award funds standard research expenses, including travel to conferences or archives, membership fees in professional associations, and book and equipment purchases.


This fellowship is available to Temple Ph.D. students in good standing who have completed all course and exam requirements for the degree and will be elevated to candidacy by the start of the fellowship term (see Graduate School Policies and Procedures 02.27.13). Recipients must be able to attend and participate in person in the bi-weekly CHAT Fellows Seminar in order to remain eligible for the award. Failure to attend the Seminars in person may result in a loss of the award at the discretion of the CHAT Director. Associates remain eligible for all other CHAT Fellowships during the award year and may apply for them at any time. Students may only receive the Graduate Associate Fellowship once.


Applications will be reviewed by faculty from outside your home discipline. When describing your project, bear in mind that you must communicate its significance to faculty from a variety of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. Please submit:

  • A short cover letter identifying the fellowship you are applying for.
  • A research statement (2-3 pages) describing the project proposed for the fellowship year. Provide an overview articulating the central ideas, problems, or questions examined by the project.
  • A current C.V.
  • One confidential letter of reference from a faculty member familiar with your research, preferably the dissertation director, sent separately by the recommender.

Send all materials as email attachments to chat@temple.edu. Direct questions about the Award to Prof. Petra Goedde, Interim CHAT Director, pgoedde@temple.edu, 215-204-9206.

Fellowship Coordination

Applicants for the Graduate School Senior Doctoral Fellowship or CLA Advanced Graduate Scholar Award who do not receive an award can be considered for the Graduate Associate Fellowship on request, using the same application. You do not need to submit a second application.

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