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Fellow News and Updates

CHAT has awarded fellowships to many faculty and graduate students over the years who continue to make important contributions to their individual disciplines, sub-fields of research and to the Humanities in general. Please note the news and updates sent in by CHAT's former fellows below (in alphabetical order).

Colleen Hooper (2015-16)

Colleen Hooper started a position as a visiting artist in Dance History at Point Park University in Pittsburgh. She was recently interviewed about her work and career as a dancer and researcher. You can access the interview here.

Bretton Alvaré (2007-08)

Bretton Alvaré is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Widener University.  He is currently converting some of his dissertation chapters into academic articles.  One has already been published: Alvaré, B. T. (2010), 'Babylon Makes the Rules': Compliance, Fear, and Self-Discipline in the Quest for Official NGO Status. PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology Review, 33: 178–200.

Takiyah Nur Amin (2008-09)

Takiyah Nur Amin received her PhD in Dance with a concentration in Cultural Studies at Temple while also completing Temple's certificate programs in Women's Studies and in Teaching in Higher Education. She has since taught at the Colorado College in Dance as a Riley Scholar-in-Residence through the Consortium for Faculty Diversity. In 2011 she became Assistant Professor of World Dance at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte.

Brooke S. Bocast (2013-14)

Brooke Bocast became a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Maryland, College Park, in 2014. She received a Wenner-Gren Engaged Anthropology Grant to disseminate her doctoral research findings at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda (her research site), a National Science Foundation scholarship to attend a short course on Text Analysis to aid in data analysis for a book manuscript based on the dissertation, and she was awarded "Finalist" status in the 2015 American Council of Learned Societies Public Fellowship competition.

Angela Cirucci (2013-14)

Angela Cirucci defended her dissertation, "The Structured Self: Authenticity, Agency, and Anonymity in Social Networking Sites," in October 2014. She becomes Assistant Professor of New Media at Kutztown University in Fall 2015, after a year as a post-doctoral researcher in the Digital Scholarship Center at Temple.

Oliver Gaycken (2009-10)

book coverOliver Gaycken's research as a fellow appears in his book, Devices of Curiosity Early Cinema and Popular Science, published in 2015 by Oxford University Press. He is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Maryland, College Park. His related publications include:  "The Secret Life of Plants: Visualizing Vegetative Movement, 1880-1900," Early Popular Visual Culture (2011) and ‘The Swarming of Life’: Moving Pictures, Education, and Views through the Microscope,” Science in Context (2011).

Greg Graham (2009-10)

Greg Graham accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Oklahoma in 2013.

Jody Griffith (2014-15)

Jody Griffith has had an article accepted for publication by Novel: A Forum on Fiction. Jody's article, "Constructing Ordinary Time in Adam Bede: The Architectural Structure of Eliot's Realism," is based on a chapter from her dissertation. The article is due out in the March 2016 issue.

Jane Gordon (2009-10)

book coverJane Gordon's fellowship-connected publications include: "Degrees of Statelessness: Vulnerability and Political Capital," Journal of Contemporary Thought 32 (Winter 2010): 17–39 and Creolizing Political Theory: Reading Rousseau through Fanon, published in 2014 by Fordham University Press. She is currently Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Connecticut.

Joan Grassbaugh Forry (2006-07)

Joan Grassbaugh Forry graduated from Temple with a Ph.D. in Philosophy in 2008. She is now an assistant professor of philosophy at Vanderbilt University. There she teaches applied ethics courses, including Sports Ethics, Ethics and Business, Ethics and Animals, Environmental Philosophy, and Philosophy of Education. She also teaches a first-year writing seminar, “Sport and Social Theory.” Recently Joan was invited to and recently participated in The Cumberland Project, a workshop and year-long dialogue on teaching issues of environmental sustainability. Her CHAT fellowship supported research for her dissertation, The Gender Politics of Contemporary Sport, which is currently under review for publication.

Kuba Glasek (2010-11)

Kuba Glasek's CHAT Senior Doctoral Fellowship has allowed him to submit a manuscript for review to Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts. He also was able to conduct dissertation research and writing and had three poster presentations accepted at the Association for Psychological Science Convention, and a poster and talk at the American Psychological Association Convention. The work Kuba did during his time as a Fellow will culminate in two more publications, one on Picasso's creative process, and another on the working memory processes of visual artists.

Dustin Kidd (2007-08)

book coverDustin Kidd's CHAT supported work on his book: Legislating Creativity: the Intersection of Art and Politics, published by Routledge in 2011. He also published an article along with the student he mentored through CHAT’s Rotberg fellowship:  Kidd, Dustin and Christina Jackson. 2010. Art as Propaganda: Bringing Dubois into the Sociology of Art, Sociology Compass. 4/8: 555-563.

Judtih Levine (2010-11)

book coverJudith Levine revised her book manuscript during her time as a Fellow. Ain't No Trust How Bosses, Boyfriends, and Bureaucrats Fail Low-Income Mothers and Why It Matters, was published in 2013 by University of California Press.  


Nyama McCarthy-Brown (2009-10)

After completing her PhD in Dance, Nyama McCarthy-Brown accepted a post-doctoral fellowship at Bowdoin College in Brunswick Maine. Her dissertation research supported by her CHAT fellowship was titled, “'The Proof is in the Pudding'": An Examination of How Stated Values of Cultural Diversity are Implemented in Three Selected Dance Department Curricula.”

Juris Milestone (2005-06)

Juris Milestone is Assistant Professor (Teaching) of Anthropology at Temple. He published "Design as Power: Paul Virilio and the Governmentality of Design Expertise" in Culture, Theory, and Critique in 2007. 

Naomi Schiller (2010-11)

Since her fellowship, Professor Schiller has joined the faculty at Brooklyn College, CUNY. She has a contract with University of Texas Press for her book manuscript, developed during her fellowship: Televising the Revolution: Community Media and the State in Venezuela. she also published several articles using the same research: "Catia Sees You: Community Television, Clientelism, and Participatory Statemaking in the Chávez Era" in Participation and Public Sphere in Venezuela's Bolivarian Democracy, David Smilde and Daniel Hellinger (eds), Duke University Press, 2011; and "Liberal and Bolivarian Regimes of Truth: Towards a Critically Engaged Anthropology in Caracas, Venezuela, Transforming Anthropology (2011).

Jeremy Schipper (2009-10)

book coverJeremy’s CHAT supported research contributed to his book, Disability and Isaiah's Suffering Servant, published by Oxford University Press in 2011.





Beth Seltzer (2013-14)

Beth Seltzer, who was a CHAT DH Scholar in 2013-14 and a CLA Advanced Graduate Scholar in 2014-15, has accepted a full-time position at Bryn Mawr College. She'll be working in the Libraries as an Educational Technology Specialist, where she'll help to expand Bryn Mawr's digital humanities offerings. Her participation in the Digital Humanities Scholarship program (she was part of the first cohort) helped her secure the new position.

Matthew Shannon (2012-13)

Matthew Shannon became Assistant Professor of History at Emory and Henry College in Virginia in 2013.

Alan Singer (2007-08)

book coverAlan Singer’s book The Self-Deceiving Muse: Notice And Knowledge In The Work Of Art was publishedby Pennsylvania State University Press in 2010.  Two chapters of this book were the fruit of his time as a fellow. Similarly, a talk he gave at CHAT’s “imagination” conference was published in Symploke  vol. 16, nos. 1-2.

Miriam Solomon (2008-09)

book coverMiriam Solomon's Making Medical Knowledge was published in June 2015 by Oxford University Press. She also published several articles from that same research done while a CHAT Fellow. These include: "Group Judgment and the Medical Consensus Conference," in the Elsevier Handbook on Philosophy of Medicine, ed. Fred Gifford (2011) and "Just a Paradigm: Evidence Based Medicine Meets Philosophy of Science," European Journal for Philosophy of Science (2011).

Brendan Tuttle (2013-14)

After receiving his PhD in Anthropology in 2014, Brendan Tuttle published some of the research he conducted at CHAT, "Life is Prickly: Belonging and the Common Place in Bor," in The Road Two Sudans (Souad Ali, ed., 2014). He lives in South Sudan, where he is Country Director for an NGO and turning some of his other dissertation chapters into academic articles.  

Ashley West (2010-11)

Ashley West's research at CHAT bore fruit in the form of an article "Artistry and Documentation: A Passage to India and the Problem of Representing New Global Encounters,” in Subject as Aporia in Early Modern Art, eds. Lorenzo Pericolo and Alexander Nagel (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2010); and her forthcoming book Hans Burgkmair and the Visual Translation of Knowledge in the German Renaissance (Brepols-Harvey Miller, 2015). Since her time as a fellow at CHAT, Ashley West has received tenure and been promoted to Associate Professor of the Art History Department at Temple.

David Wolfsdorf (2008-09)

book coverDavid Wolfsdorf's CHAT project was on the subject of pleasure in ancient Greek philosophy. His book, Pleasure in Ancient Philosophy, was published by Cambridge University Press in 2013.



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