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Tillie Olsen, “Silences in Literature,” Silences (NY: Delacorte, 1978), 20.

CHAT Groups 2012-13

All groups are open to members of the Temple community. Please contact the organizers to participate or get on the mailing list.


Medical Humanities Study Group

Organizers: Gretchen Condran (Sociology), and Sue Wells ( English)

Middle East North Africa Study Group

Organizers: Alexa Firat (Critical Languages), and Sean Young ( Political Science)

Schuylkill Project

Organizers: Jennifer McKim (English), Colleen Hammelman ( English) , and Benjamin Kohl ( Geography and Urban Studies)


Mass Incarceration Research Group

Organizers: Robert Blackson (TU Galleries), and Gerald Silk ( Art History)

Culture and Identity in Contemporary Europe

Organizers: Damien Stankiewicz (Anthropology), and Nora M. Alter ( Film and Media Arts)

Political Theory Research Group

Organizers: Jane Gordon (Political Science), Laura Levitt ( Religion) , and Lewis Gordon ( Philosophy)

New India Forum Research Group

Organizers: Priya Joshi (English), and Sanjoy Chakravorty( GUS)


Staging Skepticism: Ibsen and the Drama of Modernity

Organizers: Kristen Gjesdal (Philosophy), and Doug Wagner ( Theatre)

American Studies Consortium

Organizers: Bryant Simon (History)

P19 Consortium

Organizers: Priya Joshi (English) and Travis Glasson ( History)

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