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Tillie Olsen, “Silences in Literature,” Silences (NY: Delacorte, 1978), 20.

Co-Sponsorship Guidelines

Although CHAT dedicates most of its resources to programs that it initiates, it reserves some funds for proposals it receives from individuals, departments, or colleges within the Temple community.

We encourage interdisciplinary proposals and proposals that have pledges of support from more than one department or program, including participation from units outside the College of Liberal Arts. CHAT will consider providing $100 to $200 to supplement other funding for such proposals.

To apply, please send a brief (about 3-pages) description of the project. We ask that you explain the rationale for your proposal, focusing on how you see this presentation/conference/activity contributing to humanistic research and study at Temple and appealing to diverse disciplines. If you believe your proposal can lead to further projects and programs, please elaborate.

Also please include a list of the sponsoring organization(s) or department(s), the invited participants, if applicable (with CVs or biographical sketches), the intended audience, the proposed date(s) of the program, publicity plans, the amount requested with a short budget, and what other sources of funding you expect or have applied for.

Forward your proposal as an electronic attachment to Peter Logan, Director, Center for the Humanities, at peter.logan@temple.edu.
There is no deadline; new requests are evaluated on a rolling schedule.











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