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Chat Research Groups 2018-2019

The deadline for 2018-19 has passed. For information on the next round of applications, check this website in late January 2019.

Interdisciplinary Research Groups help Temple faculty and graduate students from different departments, schools, and colleges to pursue shared research interests as well as participate in consortia with faculty from other universities.

Active groups are listed below. Please contact the organizers to participate or get on the mailing list.

Research Groups

Interdisciplinary Disability Studies Graduate Group

Organizers: Kate Fialkowski
Celia Feinstein (Institute for Disabilites, College of Education)

P19: Interdisciplinary Workshop on
Nineteenth-Century Culture

Organizers: Talissa Ford (English)
Erin Pauwels (Art History)

Women and Gender Studies

Organizers: Laura Levitt (Religion)
Rujuta Chincholkar-Mandelia (Women's Studies Program)


Organizers: Tania Giovanetti
Bassel Sawaya

Science Studies Group

Organizers: Miriam Solomon (Philosophy)
Tom Waidzunas (Sociology)

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