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Tillie Olsen, “Silences in Literature,” Silences (NY: Delacorte, 1978), 20.

Interdisciplinary Research Groups

Deadline for 2013-14 is September 22, 2014

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Consultation is available for shaping group funding proposals. Contact Peter Logan.

Interdisciplinary Research Groups bring together Temple faculty and graduate students from different departments, school, and colleges to pursue shared research interests.

Proposals that engage emerging fields of inquiry and/or are linked to an interdisciplinary agenda are encouraged. Successful proposals are awarded up to $1500. Groups receive priority access on the use of CHAT facilities for meetings and lectures. Assistance with advertising and travel arrangements is provided, when possible..

Groups should meet monthly (or more often) throughout the year. Funds can be used to support meeting costs, publicity, visiting speakers, and related expenses. Group funding seeds new and vital research activity and is not meant to provide permanent support for ongoing programs.

The Application

Proposals must list at least two Temple faculty organizers from different departments, and four or more additional faculty or graduate student participants. Group membership is not restricted to Temple faculty and cross-institutional participation is welcome. Please submit:

  • A 3-4 page (double-spaced) proposal. Explain the focus of the group, provide an intellectual justification for forming a group on the topic, and indicate the schedule of projected activities for the year. Identify anticipated outcomes, such as publications, grant applications, or the initiation of new programs for further collaborative research.
  • An itemized budget of planned expenses, including honoraria, travel, hospitality, and publicity (please note that the maximum honorarium is $400). This can be tentative.
  • A C.V. for each faculty organizer.
  • The name and affiliation of at least four additional participants

A report on the group’s activities is required at the end of the academic year. Groups may continue to receive funding for up to three years if the yearly reports warrant further support. Renewal is not automatic: a new application is needed each year. All proposals are evaluated by members of the CHAT Advisory Board. Award decisions are based on the availability of funds, the quality of the proposal, the feasibility of the project, and the potential contribution to scholarship and intellectual life at Temple.

Applications should be transmitted electronically to chat@temple.edu. Please contact Prof. Peter Logan with any questions, at peter.logan@temple.edu or 215 204-8567.

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