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Inter-Disciplinary Research Groups

Due May 1, 2018


Interdisciplinary Research Groups help Temple faculty and graduate students from different departments, schools, and colleges to pursue shared research interests as well as participate in consortia with faculty from other universities. Proposals that engage emerging fields of inquiry and/or are linked to an interdisciplinary agenda are encouraged. Successful proposals are awarded between $500 and $1500 for use during the academic year of award, depending on the size of the group and the research agenda. Unused funds will revert back to CHAT by June 30th. Groups receive priority access to CHAT facilities for meetings and lectures.

Groups will meet regularly throughout the year. Funds can be used to support meeting costs, publicity, books, visiting speakers, and related expenses. Membership is open to all, including students and faculty outside of Temple. Groups must have at least two organizers from different departments and a minimum of four members from within Temple University. Group funding seeds new and vital research activity and helps support ongoing programs. Groups may apply for funding renewal every year. A report of past year's activities is due to the Director of CHAT by May 15th.

For application guidelines see here.

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