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Vivek Bhandari, Inst. for Rural Management, Anand, India

"Current Developments in Rural India and Rural-Urban Connections"


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

3:30-5pm, 914 Gladfelter (Weigley Room)



About the speaker:

Dr. Bhandari's writings in the fields of comparative history, international political economy, historical sociology, cultural studies and peace studies have appeared in journals such as the Journal of Asian Studies, Comparative Studies of South Asia, and Africa and the Middle East, in edited volumes, and reference works such as the International Encyclopedia for the Social Sciences and the Encyclopedia of Modern Asia. Most recently, as a co-author of "The State of Panchayats Report: An Independent Assessment, 2007-08,” India’s first macro-study of institutions of local self-governance in India, Dr. Bhandari has taken a particular interest in the study of social and community mobilizations in India, and exploring strategies for mediation between the state, and extremist movements.

In 2008, Business Today magazine included him in its list of “India’s Top-25 Young Executives under the age of 40.”
























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