Tillie Olsen, “Silences in Literature,” Silences (NY: Delacorte, 1978), 20.

Padmini Mongia, Franklin and Marshall College

"What About Shobha Dé?: Pulp and other New Fictions of English India"

Thursday, October 6, 3-5pm, CHAT Seminar Room, 10th Floor Gladfelter


About the talk: Mongia's talk examines the continued success of Shobha Dé, who has been publishing for the last 35 years. Her first novel, Socialite Evenings, came out in 1988; it sells even better today than it did when it first appeared. Dé may be regarded as India's first pulp novelist in English. The space she opened up has since been filled by a variety of popular forms. Chetan Bhagat is now the country's English language bestseller; chick lit and graphic novels have done robustly well in the last decade. What do these forms tell us about English-language publishing in India today?


About the speaker: Padmini Mongia is Professor of English at Franklin and Marshall College. She has published articles on Indian Writing in English and Joseph Conrad, edited Contemporary Postcolonial Theory (Bloomsbury 2009), and published a children's book, Pchak Pchak (2008).






















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