For-credit opportunities to do an internship as part of an academic course in your discipline. Many departments also have “Fieldwork” offerings available. Consult your department’s course listings for availability.

Political Science

The department offers students the opportunity to earn six credits (3 academic credits and 3 internship credits) in an experiential learning course each semester. Past courses have covered topics such as law, campaigns, poverty and international organization. Typically one such course is offered each semester.  The department will also assist students with finding internships on an individual basis.  CONTACT: Dan Chomsky, Undergraduate Advisor


The Psychology Practicum allows students to pursue work experience in clinical and industrial settings where psychologists are employed eight hours a week under the guidance of an on-site supervisor.  Students meet for seminars and write a paper under the guidance of a Temple coordinator.  CONTACT: Nicole Pileggi, Undergraduate Advisor


The Pre-Law Internship/Seminar gives students the chance to experience a legal or law-related workplace environment.  In particular, this Internship provides the opportunity to observe a lawyer at work and the practical operation of law in our society.  The accompanying seminar, “Law and Ethics in Practice,” looks at ethical and social issues relating to the legal system and the legal profession.  CONTACT: Paul Crowe

Criminal Justice

This is an opportunity for students to take what they’ve learned in the classroom and apply it to a real world setting. Students choose an agency or office in the criminal justice system that is of interest to them, and then do a certain number of hours of work per week at that site. It is an intensive experience of hands-on education.  Students get experience and credit for a possible placement at such sites as: Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, Medical Examiner’s Office, U.S. Probation/Parole, Philadelphia Defenders’ Association, U.S. District Court, Philadelphia Police Department.  CONTACT: Cheryl Irons-Guynn


The English Career Internships emphasizes on-the-job training in positions in business, publishing, communications, or cultural institutions for juniors and seniors with a grade point average of at least 3.0.  CONTACT: Paula Robison

Spanish & Portuguese

This experience gives students the opportunity to take their Spanish linguistic skills, their cultural knowledge, and their interests and apply them in a real world setting.  Placements are designed to help students meet their language, experience, and career goals.  The course component includes readings and discussions that are relevant to the students’ experiences.  It will aid in synthesizing past education with present reality and allow students to reflect concurrently on their experiences through discussion, journals, and one-on-one meetings with their instructor.  CONTACT: Patricia Moore-Martinez


Through the cooperative education program students can gain valuable work experience which can enhance their job market prospects upon graduation. By completing an academic research project under the guidance of a faculty member, Co-op students may earn credit for Economics 3581. CONTACT: William Holmes

Geography and Urban Studies

students to apply their skills and knowledge in a credit-bearing internship that utilizes their academic training. Assignments at planning, social service and other agencies, as well as firms that specialize in mapping and geographic data analysis, have helped students secure employment. The internship is complemented by a seminar in which students discuss their experiences. CONTACT: Susan Lucas