Current Criminal Justice Majors, along with Criminal Justice Alumni, recently took part in a week-long Leadership Camp operated by Temple’s ProRanger Program. Participants in the Program graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a certificate in National Park Service NPS management. Participants who complete all stages of the program receive special hiring certification from the NPS program manager. While this does not technically guarantee employment, the program has a 100 percent placement rate.

The ProRanger program is only one of the Criminal Justice Department’s initiatives to help support the nation’s parks. The department also works with the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources DCNR to train new hires and the City of Philadelphia Parks and Recreation to provide continuing education for those already employed.

Read the full article in the College of Liberal Arts Newsroom, for more information about the Leadership Camp, the ProRanger Program, and other Criminal Justice Initiatives that benefit our nation’s parks.