Research / Themes / Building capacity / Reducing Barriers to Implementing Behavioral Health Services for Offenders on Probation: A Pilot Study of a Local Change Team Approach

The purpose of this study is to examine current substance abuse assessment, referral, linkage, and monitoring procedures in the Philadelphia Adult Probation and Parole Departments, increase understanding of the systems, organizational, and staff barriers to improving these processes, and test the feasibility of forming a multi-agency local change team (including treatment and probation staff) to address and solve one or more process improvement goals.  Improvements in the implementation of substance abuse services for probationers are likely to require an implementation intervention that encompasses organizational and staff-level activities. The study includes key informant interviews, a web-based survey of probation and community drug treatment staff, and piloting of the local change team intervention.  This research is being funded by the National Institute of Mental Health.

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Steven Belenko

Conference Presentations

Belenko, S., Rieckmann, T., Johnson, I., & Wolff, N. Barriers to implementing substance abuse treatment services for probationers: Views of probation and treatment staff. American Society of Criminology Annual Conference, Chicago, IL, November 2012.