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Building on their development of national standards for measuring recidivism, Brian Lockwood, now at Monmouth University, Liz Mengers of CJCA, several state juvenile corrections CEO’s and Phil Harris are developing national standards for measuring positive youth outcomes.  Recidivism dominates measurement of program performance, but the objectives of programs emphasize positive changes.  Measurement of outcomes related to these objectives is, however, less common, and no consensus exists regarding what to measure.  Given growing demands for performance reports, data on positive outcomes can help shift goals of juvenile justice away from its punitive aims to the original youth development goals of juvenile justice.

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Ayuyev, V.V., Jupin, J., Harris, P.W., & Obradovic, Z. Dynamic (2010) Clustering-Based Estimation of Missing Values in Mixed Type Data. In T.B. Pedersen, M.K. Mohania, and A M. Tjoa (Eds.), Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery.  Book Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Heidelberg: Springer Berlin. (pp. 366-377).