Caterina Roman

Dr. Caterina Roman Featured in WHYY Story on Philadelphia’s Focused Deterrence Program

Dr. Caterina Roman was recently featured in a WHYY story on Philadelphia s focused deterrence program. The program led to a 35 percent drop in shootings in three South Philadelphia police districts where city authorities tested the program. Focused deterrence identifies people — often gang members or those involved in the drug trade — most…


Amber Perenzin Askey Awarded a 2017 NIJ Graduate Research Fellowship

Amber Perenzin Askey has been awarded a 2017 National Institute of Justice NIJ Graduate Research Fellowship for her dissertation, titled Quantifying Gang Locations: A Systematic Test of Validity Using a Partial Test of Messick s Unified Perspective. Visit the National Institute of Justice’s Graduate Research Fellowship Program: Past and Present Fellows page for more information on…


Temple’s ProRanger Program, Other Criminal Justice Initiatives, Meet Demand to Place Jobs in National Parks

Current Criminal Justice Majors, along with Criminal Justice Alumni, recently took part in a week-long Leadership Camp operated by Temple’s ProRanger Program. Participants in the Program graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a certificate in National Park Service NPS management. Participants who complete all stages of the program receive special hiring certification…