Doctoral dissertations related to the work of the Center

Travis A. Taniguchi, Ph.D.”Policing a negotiated world: An empirical assessment of the ecological theory of policing”Chaired by Jerry H. Ratcliffe, May 2010 Criminologist, Police Department, Redlands, CA. Click here for a summary of this research project

Eric S. McCord, Ph.D.”Isolating opportunity from demographics: A case study of motor vehicle theft in Philadelphia”Chaired by Jerry H. Ratcliffe, May 2010 Assistant Professor, University of Louisville, Louisville KY

Brian R. Wyant, Ph.D.”Micro-level spatio-temporal relationships between firearm arrests and shootings in Philadelphia: Implications for understanding of crime, time, place, and policing”Chaired by Ralph B. Taylor, August 2010 Assistant Professor, LaSalle University, Philadelphia, PA. Click here for a summary of this research project.

Brian Lockwood, Ph.D.”Too far to travel? An investigation of the effects of distance to community-based treatment programs for juvenile offenders”Chaired by George F. Rengert, May 2010

Assistant Professor, Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ