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Members of our faculty long have been involved in efforts to address critical justice issues for communities, families and individuals. Perhaps none of these are more pressing than projects that aim to develop more effective means of reducing crime and violence. These efforts range from studying how communities succeed in increasing social capital and collective efficacy to collaborating with long-term prisoners who are working to reduce what they see as a culture of crime and violence.

Related faculty

M. Kay Harris

Ralph Taylor

Selected Publications

Harris, M. Kay (forthcoming) Legacies from lifers: Empowering peers to transform their lives. Special issue of Contemporary Justice Review on ‘Unorthodox criminologists and their criminologies’.

Harris, M. Kay (forthcoming) Identity change through positive peer intervention in prison: The transformation model of the L.I.F.E.R.S., Inc., Public Safety Initiative, in Veysey, B., Christian, J. and Martinez, D. [eds.) Identity Transformation: Understanding the Process of Offender Change. Cullompton: Willan.