Associate Professor
556 Gladfelter Hall



Courts and Corrections, Justice Decision Making, Criminal Processing,  Adjudication, and Punishment, Policy Analysis, Comparative Criminal Justice


Dr. Vîlcică joined the faculty of the Department of Criminal Justice at Temple in 2009. Before that, she served as a Definitive Judge at the Court of the Fourth District of Bucharest, Romania. She received a Bachelor of Law degree in 1997 from the School of Law, University of Bucharest, a post-graduate Judge Diploma in 1998 from the National Institute of Magistrature and Ministry of Justice of Romania, and her Ph.D. degree in 2008 from Temple’s graduate program in Criminal Justice.

Her research interests include: criminal case processing and adjudication; justice decision making, especially as it affects individual liberty; policy analysis; and comparative criminal justice. All these research components tie directly into issues of system legitimacy and governance, make contributions to theories of punishment, and have immediate public policy implications.


Selected Publications

  • Vîlcică, E. Rely. 2018. Revisiting Parole Decisionmaking: Testing for the Punitive Hypothesis in a Large US Jurisdiction. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, 62 (5), 1357-1383. First online, September 15, 2016, DOI: 10.1177/0306624X16668512.
  • Vîlcică, E. Rely. 2016. Challenges in Parole Supervision: Views from the Field. Corrections: Policy, Practice and Research. First online, September 20, DOI: 10.1080/23774657.2016.1219886; Pp. 266-292. 
  • Vîlcică, E. Rely. 2016. Studying Parole in the Spotlight: Lessons from a Large American Jurisdiction. European Journal on Criminal Policy & Research, 22(1), 61-88. First online, July 23, 2015, DOI: 10.1007/s10610-015-9284-8. 
  • Vîlcică, E. Rely. 2015. The Influence of Inmate Visitation on the Decision to Grant Parole: An Exploratory Study. Journal of Criminal Justice, 43(6), 498–509. 
  • Vîlcică, E. Rely & John S. Goldkamp (posthumously). 2015. Bail Prediction: Exploring the Role of Neighborhood Context in Philadelphia. Criminal Justice & Behavior, 42(11), 1159-1182. 
  • Vîlcică, E. Rely. 2014. Parole Decisionmaking in the United States: A Crisis Situation and Its Consequences. (In Romanian) Revista de Criminologie, Criminalistică şi Penologie, nr.1-2, 32-42. (The [Romanian] Journal of Criminology, Criminalistics, and Penology
  • Vîlcică, E. Rely. 2014. The Role of Dismissal in the American Criminal Court: Court Theories Revisited. Justice System Journal, 35(2), 205-232. 
  • Vîlcică, E. Rely. 2012. Nature and Consequences of Dismissals: Implications for Public Safety and Crime Prevention in Criminal Courts in America. Journal of Criminal Justice, 40(2), 103-116. 
  • Vîlcică, E. Rely, Steve Belenko, Matt Hiller, & Faye Taxman. 2010. Exporting Court Innovation from the United States to Continental Europe: Compatibility between the Drug Court Model and Inquisitorial Justice Systems. International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice, 34(1), 139-172. 
  • Goldkamp, John S. & E. Rely Vîlcică. 2009. Judicial Discretion and the Unfinished Agenda of American Bail Reform: Lessons from Philadelphia’s Evidence-Based Judicial Strategy. Studies in Law, Politics and Society, 47, 115-157. (Authors listed alphabetically, equal co-authorship.) 
  • Goldkamp, John S. & E. Rely Vîlcică. 2008. Targeted Enforcement and Adverse System Side-Effects: The Generation of Fugitives in Philadelphia. Criminology, 46(2), 371-410. (Authors listed alphabetically, equal co-authorship.)

Courses Taught


  • CJ 1001- Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • CJ 2597- Criminal Justice Research Methods (writing-intensive)
  • CJ 2401- Nature of Crime


  • CJ 8302- Advanced Methodological Issues in Criminal Justice Research

Independent Study:

  • Diamond Peer Teacher in CJ 1001, (Spring 2016; Spring 2017)
  • Crime and Justice around the World (Fall 2018)