Associate Professor Emerita M. Kay Harris
Gladfelter Hall


Restorative and Transformative Justice, Transformation by Persons in the Arms of the Law


M. Kay Harris is an emerita member of the Graduate Faculty in the Department of Criminal Justice. She serves on the Executive Committee of the International Steering Committee of the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program. She also is an external member of the Inside-Out Think Tank and of the Lifers’ Public Safety Initiative at the State Correctional Institution at Graterford. Kay continues to coordinate interactive workshops for Temple students with men who are serving life sentences at the State Correctional Institution at Chester. Her current scholarly and advocacy work focuses on issues related to the role of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people in enhancing public safety, rethinking dominant justice paradigms, reduction of prison and jail populations, sentencing, parole, alternatives to incarceration, and restorative and transformative justice.

Selected Publications

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