Graduate / Dates and deadlines

Applicants interested in the program should start getting their applications together as soon as possible. Please don’t underestimate the time required to pull together the application pack. When the application is compiled early, it allows time for the department to help you with any last minute problems with the application, or for us to help with any questions you have.

New students are only admitted for the Fall semester; there is no Spring admission.

For September admission to the MA or PhD program the deadline for receipt of all materials is December 15th.


For international students, because of the extra validation and work, the deadline is November 30.

If you would like to talk to someone in more detail about our program, please contact Prof. Kathleen Auerhahn at We welcome specific questions, especially from prospective students who have their GRE scores available. This helps us to determine like application outcome and financial assistance opportunities.

Temple University has moved to an online application process. If you have the materials above available, then click here to start the process! Follow the link to graduate application.

Thanks for your interest in our programs!

If you wish to read some of the frequently asked questions about our programs, please click here.

If you wish to read about possible financial assistance opportunties, click here.

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