PhD graduates

The graduate program of the Department of Criminal Justice at Temple University is extremely proud of all of our successful doctorates. We are also pleased to see that our graduates have all gone on to successful employment in some excellent universities and policy arenas. This page documents the graduations from our PhD program, the title of the student's dissertation, and the faculty supervisor. You can also see the employment of our students at the time of their dissertation completion.


Congratulations to all of our graduates!



Brandy L. Blasko, PhD

"The uncharted influence of prison staff decisionmaking."                      

Chaired by Ralph B. Taylor, May 2013

Post-Doctoral Researcher, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA      


Scott A. Hoke, PhD

"Place managment in a correctional setting."  

Chaired by Jerry H. Ratcliffe, May 2013

Assistant Professor, Cedar Crest College, Allentown, PA


(above) Professor Jerry Ratcliffe, Scott A. Hoke, PhD, Brandy L. Blasko, PhD, and Professor R.B. Taylor




(above) Christopher E. Kelly, PhD, Clairissa D. Breen, PhD, Lallen Johnson, PhD, and Caitlin J. Taylor, PhD


Clairissa D. Breen, PhD

"Testing criminological and sociological explanations for the formation of hate groups."

Chaired by Matthew Hiller, January 2012

Assistant Professor, Gannon University, Erie, PA


Christopher E. Kelly, PhD

"Putting the community back into therapeutic community:  Examining the role of the treatment group in prison-based substance abuse treatment.”

Chaired by Wayne N. Welsh, January 2012

Assistant Professor, St. Joseph's University, Philadelphia, PA


Lallen Johnson, PhD

“Classifying drug markets by travel patterns:  Testing Reuter and MacCoun’s typology of market violence.”

Chaired by Jerry H. Ratcliffe, May 2012.

Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL


Caitlin J. Taylor, PhD

“Family support and the successful reentry of formerly incarcerated individuals.”

Chaired by Kate Auerhahn, May 2012.

Assistant Professor, LaSalle University, Philadelphia, PA


Jane M. Tucker, PhD  

“What shapes police officer willingness to use stress intervention services?  An empirical study of current factors in Pennsylvania.” 

Chaired by Jennifer Wood, May 2012.

Assistant Professor, West Chester University, West Chester, PA



2012 MA Graduates

(below)Laura Beierschmitt, Daniel Runk, Christina Watson, and Emily Schaffer



(above):  Sami Abdel-Salam, PhD, Kimberly Houser, PhD, and Brian R. Wyant, PhD 





(right):  Professor Jerry Ratcliffe,    

Professor Kate Auerhahn, Travis A.Taniguchi, PhD, Eric      S. McCord, PhD,  Professor George Rengert, Brian Lockwood,  PhD, Linda Shuo Zhao, PhD, Brian R. Wyant, PhD, Professor John Goldkamp, Christopher Salvatore, PhD                                                             






Sami Abdel-Salam, Ph.D.

"Self-control as a predictor of retention, recidivism, and relapse following therapeutic drug community treatment for adolescents"

Chaired by Matthew Hiller, May 2011

Research Associate, Center for Drug and Alcohol Studies, University of Delaware, Newark, DE


Kimberly Houser, Ph.D.

"Examining the association between co-occurring mental and substance use disorders and institutional misconduct among female state inmates”

Chaired by Wayne N. Welsh, May 2011



Brian Lockwood, Ph.D.

"Too far to travel?  An investigation of the effects of distance to community-based treatment programs for juvenile offenders"

Chaired by George F. Rengert, May 2010

Assistant Professor, Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ


Eric S. McCord, Ph.D.

"Isolating opportunity from demographics:  A case study of motor vehicle theft in Philadelphia"

Chaired by Jerry H. Ratcliffe, May 2010

Assistant Professor, University of Louisville, Louisville KY


Christopher Salvatore, Ph.D.

"Emerging adulthood and the arrested adolescent offender"

Chaired by Wayne N. Welsh, August 2010

Assistant Professor, Towson University, Towson, MD


Travis A. Taniguchi, Ph.D.

"Policing a negotiated world:  An empirical assessment of the ecological theory of policing"

Chaired by Jerry H. Ratcliffe, May 2010

Criminologist, Police Department, Redlands, CA
Click here for a summary of this research project.


Brian R. Wyant, Ph.D.

"Micro-level spatio-temporal relationships between firearm arrests and shootings in Philadelphia: Implications for understanding of crime, time, place, and policing"

Chaired by Ralph B. Taylor, August 2010

Assistant Professor, LaSalle University, Philadelphia, PA
Click here for a summary of this research project.


Jonathan S. Gaines
, Ph.D.

"Labeling adult sex offenders and sexually violent predators: The impact of registration and community notification"
Chaired by Kate Auerhahn, May 2009  

Assistant Professor, Towson University, Towson, MD

Cheryl Irons-Guynn,

"Implications of community prosecution for prosecutors and community: A case study of the community prosecution initiative in Red Hook, Kings County, New York"

Chaired by John Goldkamp, May 2009

Director, Temple Criminal Justice at Ambler


Linda Shuo Zhao, Ph.D.

" Underground Banks: The Perspectives of Chinese Illegal Immigrants in Understanding the Role of Informal Fund Transfer System in the United States”

Chaired by John Goldkamp, September 2009.
Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University, Alexandria, LA


Patrick McConnell, Ph.D.
"Toward a holistic vectored geography of homicide"
Chaired by George Rengert, October 2008  

Dewberry and Davis, LLC, Fairfax, VA

George Cronin, Ph.D.

"Structural and situational determinants of homicide in Rural Pennsylvania"

Chaired by Jerry Ratcliffe, May 2008

Criminal investigator, Pennsylvania State Police.

Wang Ke, Ph.D.

"Securities fraud 1996-2001: Incentive compensation versus corporate governance"

Chaired by John S. Goldkamp, May 2008.

R. Marie Garcia, Ph.D.

"Individual and institutional demographic and organizational climate correlates of perceived danger among federal correctional officers"

Chaired by Ralph B. Taylor, May 2008.

Social Science Analyst, National Institute of Justice.

E. Rely Vîlcicã, Ph.D.

"The Public Safety Dimensions and Implications of Dismissal: The Unexamined Criminal Case Disposition"

Chaired by Peter Jones, May 2008.

Visiting Assistant Professor, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.


Brian A. Lawton, PhD.

“Levels of Nonlethal Force Reported by Philadelphia Police Officers: Officer, Citizen, and Contextual Influences”

Chaired by Ralph B. Taylor, May 2006.

Assistant Professor, Sam Houston State University , Huntsville , TX .

Lillian P. Dote, PhD.

“Citizen Willingness to Serve: Explaining Attitudes Toward Jury Service in Philadelphia”

Chaired by Ralph B. Taylor, May 2006.

Analyst, Corporation for National and Community Service, Washington , DC.

Patrick N. McGrain, PhD.

“An Examination of Therapeutic Engagement in a Prison-Based Drug Treatment Therapeutic Community”

Chaired by Wayne N. Welsh, January 2006.

Assistant Professor, DeSales University, Center Valley , PA.


Mary E. Poulin, PhD.

“Improving Outcomes for Girls in the Juvenile Justice System: The Need for Classification”

Chaired by Phil Harris, January 2005.

Project Manager, Justice Research and Statistics Association, Washington , DC.

Matthew J. Hickman, PhD.

“Self-reported and Official Police Problem Behavior: Identifying the Role of Individual, Context, and Data”

Chaired by Ralph B. Taylor, May 2005.

Statistician, Bureau of Justice Statistics, US Department of Justice, Washington, DC.

Frank Butler, PhD.

“God’s Gonna Trouble the Waters: Social Ethics, Religious Organizations, and Crime Policy”

Chaired by Alan Harland, May 2005.

Assistant Professor, LaSalle University, Philadelphia , PA.


Robert D'Ovidio, PhD.

“ Does Crime Have a New Face?”

Chaired by George Rengert, August 2004.

Assistant Professor, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA.

Jeffrey D. Monroe, PhD.

“Brady Gun Policy and Disaggregated Homicide Rates”

Chaired by George Rengert, August 2004.

Assistant Professor, Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH.


Jennifer B. Robinson, PhD.

“Drug Free Zones, The Police, Locations, and Trends of Drug Sales in Portland, Oregon, 1990-1998”.

Chaired by George Rengert, January 2003.

Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


Robert J. Kane, PhD.

“Urban Ecology and Police Malpractice: Identifying Contexts for Career-Ending Misconduct in the New York City Police Department”

Chaired by James J. Fyfe, 2001.

Assistant Professor, American University, Washington, DC.

William V. Pelfrey, PhD.

"The Inchoate Nature of Community Policing: Examining the Differences between Community and Traditional Police Officers”

Chaired by Alex Piquero, 2001.

Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC.


Ellen M. Kurtz, PhD.

“Violent Crime and Community Structure: Lagged and Simultaneous Effects in Baltimore Neighborhoods from 1970 to 1990”

Chaired by Ralph B. Taylor. 2000.

Director of Research, Philadelphia Adult Probation and Parole, Philadelphia , PA.


Michael D. White, PhD.

“Police Shootings in Philadelphia : An Analysis of Two Decades of Deadly Force”

Chaired by James J. Fyfe, 1999.

Assistant Professor, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL.