We are very proud of the graduate Criminal Justice program that has been developed at Temple. We offer a traditional Masters degree- the MA in Criminal Justice and we have our doctoral program that leads to a PhD in  Criminal Justice. These pages will give you an overview of our program, the enrollment requirements and process, and will also  answer some of the many questions that you are likely  to have.

Our graduate program comprises a faculty that is diverse in background and academic interests. At Temple you will experience a dynamic research environment in which faculty with students and in teams conduct research on the local, regional, national and international levels. You can assess for yourself the evidence of our success to date – review the wide variety of research grants we receive, the range of  publications we (and our students) produce, the reputations of our faculty and the quality of the graduate students we develop. For example, in recently released doctoral program rankings, we ranked 6th in the USA. The Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index ranks thousands of individual doctoral programs in over 100 disciplines at US institutions. Published in the Chronicle of Higher Education, the 2007 Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index has ranked the Department of Criminal Justice at Temple University as the 6th most productive faculty of all doctoral programs in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Last year we ranked 7th. We are the  only department at Temple University to make it into the top 10 rankings for two consecutive years. Please use the links on this page to access information about our vibrant program. Please read these pages carefully, as you find that they answer many of the questions that commonly arise. If you wish for further information, there are contact details in later pages.

Dr. Jamie Fader
Associate Professor & Graduate Chair