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The Pennsylvania Research Center at Temple University (PRC), funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, is built around an empirically grounded conceptual model for implementation research, and includes a number of state and local criminal justice and public health agency partners in Pennsylvania and Florida.  Our primary criminal justice agency collaboration is with the PA Department of Corrections (PADOC), continuing a highly successful partnership in place for the past decade. Additional collaborations are with the Philadelphia Prison System, and the Berks and Lancaster County Departments of Probation. The overall goal of the PRC is to improve the implementation of evidence-based practies in correctional settings. The PRC brings a multidisciplinary perspective for conducting implementation research on drug treatment and HIV interventions in the criminal justice system.  Current projects are testing staff-driven implementation interventions to improve assessment and case planning for inmates leaving prison, increase the use of medication-assisted treatment for offenders on probation, and improve the extent and quality of HIV services for correctional populations.

Related faculty

Steven Belenko

Matthew Hiller

Wayne Welsh

Jennifer Wood

Selected publications

Belenko, S., Hiller, M., Visher, C., Copenhaver, M., O’Connell, D., Burdon, W., Pankow, J., Clarke, J., & Oser, C. (in press). Polices and practices in the delivery of HIV services in correctional agencies and facilities: Results from a multisite survey. Journal of Correctional Health Care.


Stahler, G., Mennis, J., Belenko, S., Welsh, W., Hiller, M., & Zajac, G. (in press). Predicting recidivism for released state prison offenders:  Examining the influence of individual and neighborhood characteristics and spatial contagion on the likelihood of reincarceration.  Criminal Justice and Behavior.


Freidmann, P., Hoskinson, R., Gordon, M., Schwartz, R., Kinlock, T., Knight, K., Flynn, PM, Welsh, WN, Stein, LAR, Sacks, S., O’Connell, DJ, Knudsen, HK, Shafer, MS, Hall, E., & Frisman, LK. (2012). Medication-assisted treatment in criminal justice settings affiliated with the Criminal Justice Drug Abuse Treatment Studies (CJ-DATS): Availability, barriers and intentions. Substance Abuse, 33, 9-18.


Hiller, M. L., Belenko, S., Welsh, W., Zajac, G., & Peters, R. H. (2011). Screening and assessment: An evidence-based process for the management and care of adult drug-involved offenders. In C.G. Leukefeld, J. Gregrich, & T. Gullotta (Eds.). Handbook on evidence based substance abuse treatment practice in criminal justice settings (pp. 45-62). New York: Springer.