Faculty / Peter Jones

Peter Jones is currently away from the department, and has been Vice Provost of Undergraduate Studies since September 1, 2004.

Peter began his professional career in 1978 as a social science researcher in the British Government’s Home Office Research and Planning Unit. After completing research projects in areas such as immigration patterns to Britain, the Vietnamese refugee resettlement program, court decision making and juvenile sentencing he accepted a position in 1985 at Temple University’s Department of Criminal Justice.

During his twenty years at Temple he has engaged in dozens of research projects covering areas such as alternatives to incarceration, pretrial decision making, police corruption, racial profiling in police stops and searches and the evaluation of juvenile justice treatment programs. He is co-author of the book Personal Liberty and Community Safety: Pretrial Release in the Criminal Courts (Plenum), has published more than fifty articles in peer reviewed journals and over 100 research monographs. He is a frequent presenter at national and international professional conferences.

Since 1992 Peter has partnered with Dr. Philip Harris (of Temple’s Department of Criminal Justice) to develop and direct a juvenile justice, outcome-based information system that monitors and evaluates more than one hundred treatment programs contracted to receive delinquents from the City of Philadelphia. In 1998 their work was recognized with a ‘Best Practices Award’ from the American Correctional Association. In 1999 the project was a finalist in the ‘Innovations in American Government Awards Program’ administered by the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

In addition to an active research agenda Peter Jones has been very involved in teaching and service at Temple. He has been a member of many college and university committees on teaching issues, a Board member of the Awareness of Teaching and Teaching Improvement Center (ATTIC) and architect and teacher of the Department of Criminal Justice’s graduate teaching course. In 2004 Dr. Jones was a Lindback Foundation Great Teacher Award Winner.

Dr. Jones has recently presented at the following local and international conferences:

  • Schwartz, I., Jones, P.R., and Schwartz, D. (2009) Juvenile Probation in the United States: Key Developments During the Past Three Decades. International Symposium on Probation Research, Probation Headquarters, Seoul, South Korea (September)

  • Jones, P.R (2009) Private interests in delivering effective juvenile justice provision – risk and responsivity, Inter University Center/Journal of Social Work Conference ‘Social Work with Juvenile Offenders: International Perspectives in Youth Justice: Reflections on Theory, Research, Policy and Practice’, Dubrovnik, Croatia (June).

  • Jones, P.R. and Schwartz, D. (2009) Risk Assessment Models and Empirical Validity: Making Life and Death Decisions, One Child, Many Hands: A Multidisciplinary Conference on Child Welfare, Wharton School, Philadelphia (June).