Faculty / Sharon Ostrow

Sharon Costello Ostrow received her Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Temple University in 1981. She received her Master of Arts in Criminal Justice in 1983 and was a Doctoral Student from 1983 to 1988 at The Graduate School, Rutgers University. Sharon has taught Criminal Justice courses at Rutgers University in 1985-1986 and at Temple University (1984-1986; 2004-2007). Aside from teaching Criminal Justice, Sharon has been studying art, and teaching art to children with many types of learning differences and physical limitations for the past 15 years. She has also painted two murals and was an assistant on two mosaic murals at a community center.

Her current interests relate to the intersection of art and justice, crime victimization, community networks and planned social change. She was on the planning committee for the first National Arts in Criminal Justice Conference with the Mural Arts Program in Philadelphia. The NACJ Alliance is currently building a network of criminal justice professionals and artists who, through a variety of art forms, are committed to working with crime victims, families of victims and offenders, high-risk youth, incarcerated individuals and former inmates. Art can often be used as a means of healing and self-discovery for the myriad of individuals working their way through the maze of the justice system, pursuing catharsis through restorative/social justice, and obtaining treatment through the creative process.

In addition, Sharon participated in the planning stages of the Temple University Violence Prevention Project, which is investigating ways to positively impact violence reduction in Philadelphia through intervention with individuals, families, community groups, schools, medical personnel and so on.