Faculty / George Rengert

Dr. Rengert's area of specialty is the spatial and temporal behavior of property criminals and drug offenders. He is currently working on the application of geographic information systems to urban crime control. He has received numerous grants over the past two decades from the National Institute of Justice. His books include: Suburban Burglary: A Tale of Two Suburbs (Charles Thomas); The Geography of Illegal Drugs (Westview Press); Metropolitan Crime Patterns (Criminal Justice Press); Crime Spillover (Sage); and Suburban Burglary: A Time and a Place for Everything (Charles Thomas).

Recent Keynote Address

Rengert, G.F. Why Spatial Displacement Does Not Occur When Closing Illegal Drug Markets. 2nd Annual Conference of Addictions, Infectious Disease and Public Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, April 24, 2009.


Select Publications

In press

Taniguchi, T., Rengert, G. and McCord, E. Where size matters: Agglomeration economies of illegal drug markets in Philadelphia,  Justice Quarterly.



Rengert, G. F. and E. R. Groff (2011). Residential Burglary: How the Urban Environment and Our Lifestyles Play A Contributing Role. Springfield, IL, Charles C. Thomas.

Rengert, G.F. Geographic units of analysis and the analysis of crime. In Weisburd, D., Bernasco, W. and Bruinsma, G. (Eds)  Putting Crime in its Place: Units of Analysis in Geographic Criminology. New York: Springer, pp. 109-122.


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Stahler, G., Mazzella, S., Mennis, J., Chakravorty, S., Rengert, G. and Spiga, R. The effects of individual, program, and neighborhood variables on continuity of treatment among dually diagnosed individuals. Drug and Alcohol Dependence , 87, pp. 54-62.

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