Mechanics of applying for external funding through Temple

In addition to Temple-sponsored funding for research, many faculty and students also apply for external research funding. Major sources for Criminal Justice funding include, but are not limited to the National Institutes of Health, the National Institute of Justice, and the Bureau of Justice Assistance. Please consult the websites of the specific agencies for current funding solicitations and deadlines.

The Criminal Justice Department’s Research Committee has put together a document to illuminate the process for applying here at Temple. Click here to view this document titled ‘Mechanics of Submitting a Grant Proposal for External Funding’. This document should be viewed as a resource rather than the final word in how to apply.

Human subjects approval

The Criminal Justice Department is committed to the highest ethical standards when conducting research involving human subjects. We follow the guidelines set out by Temple University and the federal government.

Click here to visit the Temple Institutional Review Board home page.

Faculty in Criminal Justice endeavor to provide undergraduate students with ‘hands on’ class-related activities that often require them to do fieldwork or analyze data. Each faculty member is required to obtain approval from the IRB for these activities during the semester in which they are to be completed. The IRB Approval Guide for Undergraduate Classroom Activities document (under construction) provides details on the necessary paperwork to be filed by the faculty member. It also contains instructions for how undergraduate students should sign up and complete the undergraduate student version of the IRB training course.