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Dr. Welsh is currently Co-PI on the NIDA-funded Criminal Justice Drug Abuse Treatment Systems (CJDATS) project, where he is lead researcher for Temple’s research center on two studies: Medication Assisted Treatment in Community Correctional Environments (MATICCE), and Improving Best Practices in Assessment and Case Planning: Organizational Process Improvement Intervention (OPII). Two papers have been published and numerous others are in progress.

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Wayne Welsh

Selected publications

Freidmann, P., Hoskinson, R., Gordon, M., Schwartz, R., Kinlock, T., Knight, K., Flynn, PM, Welsh, WN, Stein, LAR, Sacks, S., O’Connell, DJ, Knudsen, HK, Shafer, MS, Hall, E., & Frisman, LK. (2012). Medication-assisted treatment in criminal justice settings affiliated with the Criminal Justice Drug Abuse Treatment Studies (CJ-DATS): Availability, barriers and intentions. Substance Abuse, 33, 9-18.


Hiller, M. L., Belenko, S., Welsh, W., Zajac, G., & Peters, R. H. (2011). Screening and assessment: An evidence-based process for the management and care of adult drug-involved offenders. In C.G. Leukefeld, J. Gregrich, & T. Gullotta (Eds.). Handbook on evidence based substance abuse treatment practice in criminal justice settings (pp. 45-62). New York: Springer.