Undergraduate / Criminal Justice Society

The Criminal Justice Society is the major organization for all Criminal Justice majors and minors. The mission of the society is to go beyond the classroom setting and provide opportunities for students to network, develop effective leadership skills, enhance professional development and promote fellowship among all Criminal Justice students. The society host a variety of events during the semester including but not limit to a job fair that brings together students and law enforcement agencies for great partnerships. The society also engages in community service projects that help students connect with social issues and examine career paths. The Criminal Justice Society maintains a Blackboard page.


Left to Right: Pat Cunningham (Treasurer), Vinny Lemba (Vice President), Jenna Nicolosi (Secretary),

Erin Connell (Public Relations Chair), Evan Douglas (Community Service Chair), Britnee Smith (President) 


Undergraduate Meet and Greet Event


On Setember 25, 2013, many of our undegraduates came out to the Meet-and-greet event. The students had a chance to connect with faculty and learn about what was new and exciting that was taking place in Temple University’s Criminal Justice Department.