The mission of the Criminal Justice Advising office is to assist students with planning and implementing rosters, provide students with career information and to help students navigate through the college years. Our office posts information about scholarships, jobs, internships and social organizations that will maximize the students’ college experience.

Criminal Justice Mentoring Center

Undergraduate students should be aware that assistance is available for all CJ classes from the department’s volunteer graduate students. Please bring all your course materials with you (syllabus,notes, books, assignments, etc.) so that the graduate students may better assist you. The Mentoring Center is located on the 5th floor of Gladfelter Hall, room 544. Please consult this page each semester for up-to-date information on Mentoring Center hours.

 What is offered:

  • Provide help with Criminal Justice courses or GenEd classes that involve Criminal Justice curriculum and are taught by Criminal Justice Faculty.
  • Professional assistance – Assist individuals who are interested in graduate school by offering advice on how to choose the right school, and editing Curriculum Vitas and personal statements.
  • Help students who are writing papers by aiding in formatting, organization, editing, and topic brainstorming. Also, we will demonstrate how to find appropriate peer-reviewed articles for papers or projects.
  •  Take referrals for appropriate campus services – such as the Disabilities office or Writing Center.

What is not offered:

  • We will not do students’ work or provide answers to homework or exams.
  • Mentors will not write papers for students.
  • Academic Advising.
  • Mediation between students and faculty members.
  • Participate in filing grievances or grade reconciliation.
  • Provide help on take-home exams.
  • Assist students in classes that they are not attending.
  • Provide extra review sessions for exams.
  • Help students study for professional admittance exams such as the GRE, LSAT, MCAT, etc.
  • Administer make-up exams.

Writing Center

The Academic Advising Center offers various forms of individual and group support for improving your writing. Please visit the Writing Center for more information.

Undergraduate / Disability Services and Resources

Temple offers a range of comprehensive services designed to support and encourage students with medical, visual, hearing, physical, learning, and psychological disabilities. Please visit Disability Services and Resources.

TU Library

The Temple University Library system offers a vast collection of print and electronic media. Many journals in criminal justice and related fields are now available electronically and free of charge. There are also subject matter specialists who can assist you in identifying and searching relevant library databases. The current Criminal Justice specialist is Gregory McKinney, located in Room 211, Paley Library.