Choose from numerous internships in the five county areas. We have an extensive list of sites from which to choose or you can suggest a site of special interest to you. Most sites are accepted if they give you the opportunity to come in contact with the criminal justice system or have an anti-violence component. You will do a certain number of hours of work per week at your site. It is an intensive experience of hands on education.

Why would you do an internship?

  • Apply theoretical knowledge to real situations
  • Learn all kinds of things you don’t learn in the classroom
  • Make connections that will be useful for your career
  • Create an opportunity that helps you decide what you want to do and what you don’t want to do when you leave Temple
  • Receive on-the- job training
  • Many students find that their internships turn into full-time employment after they graduate!

What should you do now?

Think ahead and select your courses with an internship in mind. If you are considering a placement within the next two semesters, begin to prepare a few months in advance, especially for sites that may do background checks (Federal Law Enforcement). Prepare a resume.

If I sign up for an internship, what does it involve?

  • CJ 4087 is the actual internship/fieldwork. You complete 10, 20,or 30 hours of fieldwork per week and earn 3, 6 or 9 credits respectively. In addition to the work hours you put in, you will have a few academic requirements (e.g. readings, short papers) for the internship. You will receive a letter grade.
  • CJ 4077 is the required weekly Practicum class for which you receive 3 CJ elective credits. It is given a standard letter grade.

Process for internship placement and registration

  • Choose an Internship Site: Meet with Dr. Cheryl Irons for guidance and suggestions in deciding on an internship placement. You will be provided with the name and phone number of the person to contact.
  • Call the Site and arrange the interview.
  • After you have had your interview and have been accepted by the site you will need to fill out an Internship Registration Form available in the Criminal Justice office, or from Dr. Irons. This form is then given to Dr. Irons for approval.

Contact Dr. Cheryl Irons to begin the process of selecting and registering for an internship: (267) 468-8281. E-mail is the most effective way to contact Dr. Irons: cirons@temple.eduYou can not register online for CJ4077 and CJ4087.

Virtual Student Foreign Service

The United States Department of State offers an innovative eInternship program for students to serve Virtual Student Foreign Service Internships. The deadline for the applications is July 26, 2017. Complete instructions are on the State Department website. See the links below for more information on the eInternships which include 533 different virtual projects.

Virtual Student Foreign Service

2017 – 2018 Virtual Student Foreign Service (VSFS) eInternship