“ProRanger Philadelphia” is an academic and technical skills training and paid internship program that is cooperatively administered by the National Park Service and Temple University. The program was established to recruit, train and employ law enforcement park rangers for the National Park Service. Upon graduation from Temple University and successfully completing the ProRanger program, participants are placed in a permanent career tenure law enforcement park ranger position with the  National Park Service.

Upon acceptance into the ProRanger Philadelphia program, a ProRanger trainee will become part of a experiential learning cohort made up of between 12 and 20 fellow trainees. The cohort will annually enroll in a one credit course at Temple University that focuses on learning about the mission and functions of the National Park Service, the role of law enforcement in National Parks and the reflective National Park experiences of the cohort group.

During the non-academic summer periods between the freshmen/sophomore and sophomore/junior years, the ProRanger Philadelphia trainee will be assigned to a National Park area and will be employed as a seasonal National Park Service Park Ranger.

During the non-academic period between the junior/senior year, the ProRanger trainee will be enrolled in the 10 week Seasonal Law Enforcement Training Program (SLETP) held at Temple University.

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